Circle Orboros Listing

Just a place to keep an up-to-date listing of the status of my Circle Orboros figures.


  • Baldur the Stonecleaver (painted)
  • Krueger the Stormwrath (painted)
  • Morvahna the Autumblade (assembled)
  • Epic Kaya the Moonhunter (assembled)


  • Laris (assembled)
  • Argus x4 (painted)
  • Gorax (assembled)
  • Wolrdwatchers x2 (painted)
  • Wolrdwyrd (painted)
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr (assembled)
  • Pureblood Warpwolf (assembled)
  • Warpwolf (painted)
  • Woldwarden (painted)


  • Blackclad Wayfarer x2 (painted)
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Sentry Stones & 3 Manikins (painted)
  • War Wolf (needing basing)


  • Reeves of Orboros x10 (assembled)
  • Reeves of Orboros x8 (Arrived from ebay and the USA)
  • Shifting Stones (painted)
  • Tharn Wolf Riders x4 (assembled, 1 to be assembled)
  • Wolves of Orboros x10 (assembled)
  • Wolves of Orboros Officer and Totem Bearer (assembled)
  • Tharn Bloodtrackers x4 (in blisters)
  • Tharn Ravager x1 (in blister)

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