So what’s happened, a month without posting and here I was promising to post more often. Well it seems that the real world has conspired against me, I’ve not gamed for a month (ARGH! how am I still alive?). I’ve taken time to take the team of boys from the school to Loughborough for the UK National Championships of the First Lego League, then my wife booked an outing on my gaming night. And other things getting in the way.
I’ve not even managed to finish painting anything (although I did give the studio a clean last week). Hopefully a unit of 10 Sea Lions in Terracotta Camo will be finished soon.
More posting at the end of the week…


Fully Painted

I had intended to write more yesterday however I spent too long with the pressure washer cleaning the block paving and my wrist didn’t like typing.

Anyhow “Fully Painted” I’m sure those of you who move around different forums have seen these little things in peoples signatures that are a “Countdown to fully painted”, finishing off the Retribution figures (well apart from one) got me thinking about that concept.  The ideal of being fully painted sounds good, after all it does look much more impressive at a tournament to see an entire army set  out on the table that is fully painted then the one in silver/white/black camo pattern does.  So I thought about doing a countdown to fully painted myself, and then realised that I’ve been purchasing miniatures at a faster rate than I’ve been painting them!  Ok so I’m not planning on cutting down further than I have already after all a budget is only good for one thing.  Basically I need to find time to do more painting then, so how about a countdown – well I have three lists on here, Operation Orboros (still going), Uncharted Seas and Warzone – Capitol, and none of those are completed.  Writing out the lists of figures that are still awaiting painting will take me longer than painting most of them (although having a list of figures might be good for insurance purposes!), I think I’ll stick to painting them.

Countdown to fully painted – not enough time to bother!

Finished figures

Ok so I actually varnished the Airbourne Rangers and Free Marines a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve only just found time to post the updated pictures.  The pictures attached show the three stages of painting using the Dip method for highlighting, the left hand figure has been painted only (I still need to sort out his back), the middle figures was dipped (and I need to fix the base) and the right hand figure has been dipped and then varnished with the Army Painter Anti-Shine Matt varnish.

So what have I been doing – actually I’ve gone back to finish some projects off – more pictures and details soon, although there is a clue in the pictures.

And another lot bites the dust….

So first day back at school and I’ve come home and dipped the Airbourne Rangers that I finished yesterday.  So the Summer holiday 5.5 weeks off work and all I’ve managed to paint is 22 figures not a great record!

Still I will battle onward to finish this lot off.  Conversely I’ve now made the task bigger by purchasing a second Leman Russ Tank (in kit form) and finally taking home the figures that GW left at school which includes 20 Cadian Imperial Guardsmen, however only 11 of those will hitting the painting table.  The remainder look really wierd!

On with the painting


Well I’ve managed probably more paint since the last post then in the previous couple of weeks so things are moving along if a little slowly. 

The Free Marines have been dipped, I’ll leave basing and varnish until I have decided what base to use, and the Airbourne Rangers are coming along nicely with only a couple of things to do before dipping.  I’ve attached some more pictures so you can see the difference the dipping makes, and where the Rangers are at, including the Scout car.  The last picture shows what happens when the base breaks and the figures goes flying during dipping!

Currently Painting

So what am I currently painting?  Operation Orboros has failed two years running and so I move on to something else and hope for the inspiration to go back to the Circle and finish the army later on (probably for 2012).  I have now started on painting figures for Salute (well maybe), these are Warzone Capitol figures with a few other figures thrown in I’ll let you know where from when they appear in the blog.  Today I present 9 Free Marines ready for Dipping in Army Painter Light Shade.