Ok so I shall admit defeat, there is no way that I will get the Circle army finished for June 6th. I well on to next year!


Some figures finished

Well at last I can say that I have some more figures painted, well all but their bases anyhow.  I have got the Sentry Stone, 2 Woldwatchers and the War Wolf finished off apart from painting the bases green, flocking and then black ringing them.  Progress is being made!

I have also decided to swing to GW’s Dwarven Bronze for the armour of the Wolves of Orboros it goes on the figure better, covers just as well and looks good.  So the paint table currently has the 12 Wolves still looking at me, the 2 Blackclad Wayfarers and a Woldwryd awaiting a little green wash on the eye!

I will get there I will.

Pictures to follow.

Painting ARGH!

I got fed up last night painting the trim on the armour of the Wolves of Orboros. The Molten Bronze that I have runs as well as jelly you shake the pot of paint and get none caught in the top, conversely of course it covers wonderfully.  So I have decided to get some other figures on the painting table that are a little different.  Hopefully I can get this lot finished on time – I still need to assemle the Lord of the Fest though.

Painting commenced

Well a little delay over the weekend whilst I went away to the annual Standardisation meeting for OCR.  However over the weekend I did start to put some paint onto my models.  12 Wolves of Orboros hit the painting board and I start with their cloaks.

The cloak is fur trimmed and so given that drybrushing is a messy art I decided to start there.  A grey base for the cloak and fur and then a dry brush of a lighter shade of grey and then white to top it off.  I have managed to move onto the leather, and the armour is next.  Whilst this unit painting tends to get the figures painted and off the board together and hence is susposed to be quicker I really hate seeing so many figures looking at me at once.

2 of the Reeves of Orboros
2 of the Reeves of Orboros


One other good thing to add to all; this my package arrived from the States, a painted unit of Reeves of Orboros, I don’t know why but I had thought it was 6 figures, turns out to be a unit of 8!  They look quite good, although some of the static grass has stuck to the figure as well as the base, which suggests the grass was put on whilst the figure was wet.

Silly Figures

I haven’t posted for a while as Operation Orboros has taken a bit of a back seat this week to work!  Anyhow I have sat down tonight to get on with the construction, only 3 figures left when I started.

Having put together a number of figure I decided that the most ridculous to put together came down to two different figures for two very different reasons.

War Wolf
War Wolf

The War Wolf gets a nomination as I couldn’t see how the heck it was going to stand up, I hope this is going to look OK in the end.  The tree stump is from the Hirst Arts mold that we have.

Epic Kaya
Epic Kaya

Epic Kaya gets nominated for the silly little part that had to be included in a bag in the blister.  The little bit of metal on the wooden board to the right of Kaya’s base is her right hand!  Why wasn’t that cast on, I can’t see a reason for it being separate.

In conclusion I think the winner is eKaya.  Ok here is a poll for your votes!


Time to start undercoating – a couple of figures left to assemble but nothing too bad, so given the sun was shining I thought I’d start to undercoat the large number of troops that I have to paint.  I swapped the Battle Hive over with a couple of smaller figure boxes (must keep Kim happy) and started to reach out the figures that need doing.  That’s when things started to go wrong….

First off I remembered that Morvanha and the Pureblood has been assembled but not stuck to their bases (not too bad), secondly I really need to do something about the glue on the board (the trays are all pick and pluck) and then to top it off the blasted grey primer I was using ran out, I think I got a good coverage on the Wolves.  I guess the rest of the army will be undercoated in something else, I have green Army Builder undercoat which might do.

Just to bounce back from that lot though I found an assembled and undercoated Woldwyrd in the bottom tray so that’s one less figure to assemble.  I’m down to four figures to assemble now, don’t ask how many need painting though.

Armaggeddon Listing

OK I’ll apply a brain to organise my time, really I will.  So I loaded up Tabletop Commander and realised that I had planned this army out at one point, unfortunately after getting back on Wednesday and deciding that I need to build some figures I went off plan (typical!).  Back to the drawing board then!  So here is the army list that I plan on building (the first one is still available if I change my mind, but it relies on figures that are hopefully one their way to Sri Lanka!)


  • Baldur the Stonecleaver (Thankfully he’s painted)
  • Krueger the Stormwrath (Painted as well)
  • Morvahna the Autumblade (Choosen as she represent one model, compared to Kromac’s two!)
  • Epic Kaya the Moonhunter (Had to get an epic ‘lock in somewhere)


  • Laris (comes with eKaya!)
  • Argus x4 (Thankfully already painted!)
  • Gorax (assembled)
  • Wolrdwatchers x2 (finished assmebling them yesterday)
  • Wolrdwyrd
  • Gnarlhorn Satyr (assmembled him on Thursday)
  • Pureblood Warpwolf (already assembled)
  • Warpwolf (already painted)
  • Woldwarden (already painted)


  • Blackclad Wayfarer x2 (assembled, one is actually an IK figure)
  • Lord of the Feast
  • Sentry Stones & 3 Manikins (assmebled on Thursday)
  • War Wolf


  • Reeves of Orboros x10 (assembled)
  • Reeves of Orboros x6 (Just won these last night on ebay, already painted and assmbled just awaiting shipping from the USA!)
  • Shifting Stones (painted)
  • Tharn Wolf Riders (assembled)
  • Wolves of Orboros x10 (assembled by Paul)
  • Wolves of Orboros Officer and Totem Bearer (assembled yesterday)


  • Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter (painted)
  • Feralgeist (assembled yesterday)
  • Gudrun the Wanderer (assembled Thursday)
  • Saxon Orrik (assembled Wednesday)
  • Totem Hunter (painted)
  • Bog Trog Ambushers x10 (painted – Sri Lanka)
  • Farrow Bone Grinders x6 (assembled Thursday)
  • Farrow Brigands x6 (assembled)
  • Gatorman Posse x5 (painted – Sri Lanka)
  • Swamp Gobbers Bellows Crew (painted)

Well thats 2,245 points and 93 models, most of which still require painting!!!

Operation Orboros

Ok so like some mad fool I have decided that I must build a new army for the Armaggeddon tournament on 6th June 2009.  This had resulted in Operation Orboros the assembly and painting of an entire 2250 point army of Circle Orboros troops for Privateer Press’ Hordes game.  I must really be daft.

Now you’d think that the obvious thing to do would be to organise the army list, but I’m not like that (really should be but there you go!).  I am going to start with what is already painted so that I can at least say that I have got somewhere with this operation.  So what is already painted:

  • Baldur the Stonecleaver (Wow I have 2 of him painted, thanks John!)
  • Argus (four of them done)
  • Warpwolf (only one finished)
  • Krueger the Stormwrath (Again thanks John!)
  • Woldwarden (only one!)
  • Shifting Stones

Not too much Circle there really, lets hope the Minions can help out a little (well a lot really)

  • Alten Ashley, Monster Hunter
  • Totem Hunter (Had him done for a long while!)
  • Bog Trog Ambushers (a full unit of 10, thanks to – yes they are from Sri Lanka)
  • Gatormen Posse (a full unit of 5, again thanks to the Sri Lanka painting team)
  • Swamp Gobber Fog Bellows Crew (something I painted myself!)

Not that much help there either!  That gets me to an entire 904 points of figures and not even halfway there, whoops.  So what have I got assembled and not painted much more I hope!

  • Morvahna the Autumblade
  • Gorax
  • Pureblood Warpwolf
  • Tharn Wolfriders (only three done, but it’s a start!)
  • Wolves of Orboros (a full unit of 10, thanks to Paul who put them together and replaced all the pikes!)
  • Reeves of Orboros

Well that makes life a little better for me bringing me to 1383 points total.  Oh well better get on and assemble some more figures than the painting will begin!