So last week I showed you the pictures of the 76 figures that I had assembled in one day, I made 99 by the end of the week.  Only Paul had a go at identifying them so here are the answers.

Down the left hand side of this picture are 8 Heavy Weapons and 8 Troops for Firefight from Alternative Armies, then there are two Warmachine figures (a Widowmaker Marksman and Strakhov).  Running along the board are the figures from Frontear another game from Alternative Armies, with one left on the board.  The grey figrues are Urak-hai from Games Workshop and they are the only Plastics on the table.  In the back middle are two figures for Urban War, and in front of them are the prize support from Wargods (the mysterious man, the rules lawyer and Leondis).  There is also in that section a To-tanem Captain, a Wendigo Shaman and an Ice Witch.  In front of them are four figures for Dark Age and a group of Samurai Cavalry (2 of which are from Dixon Miniatures).  The final three figures at the back right (not those behind the tin) are for Rezolution and comprise a CSO Major and 2 troopers.


Lesson learnt

I think Paul and myself learnt a very valuable lesson this evening, don’t play with so many figures.  Urban War was tonights game and I called 1000 points which was nearly everything that I have for my Viridian faction.  Unfortunately in 2.5 hours of play we only managed 3 rounds of the game and took for ever to play the game.  So the lesson is to keep skirmish level games to skimishes between a few figures and not between whole armies of massed figures.  Next time 300 points!