Shabby Opponent

Friday night was game night once more for the Friday Night Fire Fight Crew and I managed to get along for a game.  I agreed a game of Beyond the Gates of Antares with Darryl, with both play Ghar so double disruption dice made the game interesting.

We randomly rolled a scenario and got a scenario where you have to retrive a drone from the middle of the table.  You start with only half your army available to start with and the others have to pass an order test to come onto the table from the second turn.  Well we had pretty similar armies (2 Battle suit squads, a squad of tectorists), Darryl took the Disruptor Cannon on it’s own and I took it as part of a squad of Outcasts.  Darryl started with one Battle Suit squad and his tectorists, I started with one Battle Suit Squad and my Outcasts.  Well the rest of my army obviously got lost on the way to the battlefield, even the cries of death of my entire Outcast squad in one turn couldn’t get them to the battle.  Darryl used one of his tectorists to grab the drone and then used his battle suits to stop me targetting the little blitter as he ran off with the drone.

I enjoyed the game, but those d10 are in trouble.  My Luiggers rolled a 10 on limited ammo the first time they fired!  I did manage to kill 3 of the 4 tectorists but that was it.

A shabby tactic by Darryl, but well played.

The table - we really need to remember some Sci-Fi terrain next time.
The table – we really need to remember some Sci-Fi terrain next time.
Darryl's well painted Ghar.
Darryl’s well painted Ghar.

On other fronts I’m making progress on the buildings for Stalingrad, just need to finish off the concrete exterior and the interior on the last three and the concrete floors on all four buildings.

I’ve also continued the inventory of my miniatures and have now catalogued 1679 of which 92% are built and 63% are painted.  I just added my AT-43 army which is a pre-painted game so that helped increase the percentages of both.  Lots more bags to go through as well as the two crates of unassembled figures (whoops!).


Stalingrad Building 1

So as I said in my last post I need to work on some buildings ready to put on a game in Stalingrad at Cavalier next month.  This is the first building and the test piece for how I am painting the other buildings.  I’m fairly happy with the outside of the building, although I plan on using a couple of pigments to dust the brick work up (it was still a little wet).  The inside of the building is a different matter, the red wall represent an opulent residence, but I’m not sure how to do the flooring – do I go with concrete or a wood?  The wood is unlikely to still be in place (you need to keep warm) but the concrete grey might be a bit too much.  I still need to dirty up the inside as well.

The outside of the building.
The outside of the building.
The inside of the building at the moment.
The inside of the building at the moment.

Broadside 2016 – Prepartion Part 2

Since my last update I have been busy painting the terrain, we also managed to playtest it one Friday evening.

The rules are a modification of Mantic’s Deadzone v1 rules (I didn’t have v2 at the time) and I’ve tried to make everything as simple and straight forward as possible.  We need to have a second playtest at some point and once we have completed the show I will post the rules up here for anyone to get hold of.  The stats for the teams that the participation players will run along with the rules fit onto half a sheet of A4, so you can tell how short they are.

In terms of painting the terrain, I’ve been making progress with containers, buildings and some scatter terrain.  I’ve cut the missing walkway piece and the replacement corner piece, whilst doing so I cut a food stand and some bins.  Containers are nearly all painted now, just two to finish off and if I have time I need to put a logo on the side of some of them.  Metal barriers are my current job, they don’t take long to finish off.

Broadside 2016 is getting closer just over a month to go now so I need to get on with it.  More photos later on and I promise to use a camera and not my phone next time:

AC Unit and Barrier painted and rusted up, some containers in the background.
AC Unit and Barrier painted and rusted up, some containers in the background.

Laser Cutting Part 5

It’s been a long time since I posted last but a lot has happened, we finally moved house and then I’ve been busy working for the exam board.  All that is finished so it is finally time for an update on hobby stuff.  Nothing to report in the painting challenge, I’ve not put a drop of paint on a figure for far too long.  On the laser cutting front however I have been busier, the end of term and loss of access to the laser cutter for the summer holidays made me put some time aside from unpacking to do some CAD work.  I managed to cut three things and I’ll do a post on each one over the next few days.

First up I finished the second building for Rorke’s Drift and handed them both over to Dan.  The pictures of the first building are in the last post, and the pictures of the second building are from Dan as he has rushed into assembling and detailing – hopefully I’ll be able to post some completed pictures of both buildings when he has finished:

Assembly completed.
Assembly completed.

Rorke's Drift 5Dan has been working on the detailing and had to build the stairs to the roof space himself as I couldn’t find the time to fiddle with them on the CAD software:

Assmebled and ready for painting.
Assmebled and ready for painting.

Lasercutting Part 4

So I set out to to cut a paint station for myself and have progressed through learning to work with the laser cutter at work, as well as understanding the software we use (2D Design).  The software is a bit odd so I’ve had to install other software to allow me to convert some of the online cutting plans that I have found into a format that is usable at work.  This means that I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator and DraftSight, both as free versions.  This week I’ve managed to get two sheets cut the first completed the parts for my painting stations, which is now assembled and has a brand new cutting mat installed.

My completed paint station
My completed paint station

It’s quite basic and my next task for it will be to cut a small paint rack to fit across the back to hold the paints I’m currently work on.

The second sheet I cut this week came about when on Thursday evening a friend (Dan) pointed my club to a webpage with plans to build Rorke’s Drift using 4mm thick Cork board (  Well the plans included dimensions and so after an hour or so’s work I had produced the plans in 2D Design.  10 minutes on the cutter at work and 30 minutes gluing I had this:

The hospital building at Rorke's Drift with roof.
The hospital building at Rorke’s Drift with roof.
The hospital building at Rorke's Drift without roof.
The hospital building at Rorke’s Drift without roof.

The roof maybe a little small, but once thatch has been put on I think it will cover it.  The internal wall has no locking points and is simply held by PVA glue, the same with the floor.  Next up will be Commissariat Store and then finishing and painting.

When I’m back at work I’ll export the plans in a more usable format, otherwise here is a jpeg at 50% size.

JPEG of cutting file.
JPEG of cutting file.

Cygnar Swordknights

Some more figures finished off this week, all varnished (including last weeks batch) this afternoon.  A little bit of gloss varnish over the top on the gems to make them stand out a bit more.  So I present a unit of 10 Cygnar Swordknights:

A finished unit of swordknights.
A finished unit of swordknights.

These had mostly been painted and needed tidying up and improving (my skills in painting have improved from when I started these guys) and one has been painted from undercoat (I’m not sure I can spot which one now even with the figures in front of me.  9 of these had a black base coat on them and the tenth one has a white basecoat (I’ll bring them along one Friday and see if anyone else can spot the odd one out.

Whilst I was finishing the swordknights I also grabbed a couple of small bits of terrain that needed finishing off, so here we have some barrels:

Barrels, you can never have too many barrels.
Barrels, you can never have too many barrels.

On the right is a stack of Hirst Arts wooden barrels and on the left are some plastic GW barrels, both now ready for the board.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 25
  • Figures complete = 25

Looks like I’ve caught up for now, with 9 figures sitting ready for the next week.

CD Terrain

Well back on November 25th I posted to the Friday Night Fire Fight Club site the following “OK I offer a challenge to all of you (Paul is excused) to build a single piece of terrain that will fit on to a CD/DVD. I don’t care what it is for what era or whatever just build something. Let’s start the new year off with some new terrain so build it and paint it and bring it along in January.”

I got on with it and built 4 different pieces although I thing the one attached here is my favourite.  The figure that is being used in the pictures is a Capitol Light Infantry Light Machine Gunner from Warzone and helps me mark the varnishing of 19 figures so far this year.  The structure comes most from the Hirst Arts Fieldstone molds with some wood planking and a bit of roof tile.