The master of the shed Councillor John declared me the Shabbmeister after Friday’s game of Malifaux.  Whilst I of course object to the title, I did make rather good use of the various combo’s that my characters had.  I get the feeling that John really doesn’t like the Guild and by now really dislikes the Ortega family, shot gun weddings included!

Anyway I looked up Shabby:


a. Showing signs of wear and tear; threadbare or worn-out: shabby furniture.
b. Dilapidated or deteriorated in condition, especially through neglect; seedy: a shabby little park.
2. Wearing threadbare clothing.

a. Despicable; mean: a shabby trick.
b. Not generous or just; unfair: shabby treatment.
c. Of mediocre or substandard quality: a shabby performance.
I assume that John of course was using reference 3a of course 3c may well have been used instead.

First game of the New Year

So for the first game in the shed of for me this year I played Warmachine against Mike’s Mercenary army. I field Dawnlord Vyros with units of Invitors and Sentinels alongside a Chimera and a Phoenix, a single ghostsniper rounded out the points. Mike fielded Durgen with a Blaster and Wrockhammer supported by Thor Steinhammer and a basher for Infantry he went with Alexia and the risen and Cyennor and the Nyss Archers, all of this was supported by Dougal, Herne and Jonne and Reinholdt.

The massive AOE attacks available from the core of that army destroyed most of my Sentinels and left Vyros looking particularly unhealthy. The Invictors managed to hold up the Basher and the Nyss. Unfortunately I made one particular mistake with the army I failed to charge Durgen with the Holy Avengered Phoenix!