Shabby Opponent

Friday night was game night once more for the Friday Night Fire Fight Crew and I managed to get along for a game.  I agreed a game of Beyond the Gates of Antares with Darryl, with both play Ghar so double disruption dice made the game interesting.

We randomly rolled a scenario and got a scenario where you have to retrive a drone from the middle of the table.  You start with only half your army available to start with and the others have to pass an order test to come onto the table from the second turn.  Well we had pretty similar armies (2 Battle suit squads, a squad of tectorists), Darryl took the Disruptor Cannon on it’s own and I took it as part of a squad of Outcasts.  Darryl started with one Battle Suit squad and his tectorists, I started with one Battle Suit Squad and my Outcasts.  Well the rest of my army obviously got lost on the way to the battlefield, even the cries of death of my entire Outcast squad in one turn couldn’t get them to the battle.  Darryl used one of his tectorists to grab the drone and then used his battle suits to stop me targetting the little blitter as he ran off with the drone.

I enjoyed the game, but those d10 are in trouble.  My Luiggers rolled a 10 on limited ammo the first time they fired!  I did manage to kill 3 of the 4 tectorists but that was it.

A shabby tactic by Darryl, but well played.

The table - we really need to remember some Sci-Fi terrain next time.
The table – we really need to remember some Sci-Fi terrain next time.
Darryl's well painted Ghar.
Darryl’s well painted Ghar.

On other fronts I’m making progress on the buildings for Stalingrad, just need to finish off the concrete exterior and the interior on the last three and the concrete floors on all four buildings.

I’ve also continued the inventory of my miniatures and have now catalogued 1679 of which 92% are built and 63% are painted.  I just added my AT-43 army which is a pre-painted game so that helped increase the percentages of both.  Lots more bags to go through as well as the two crates of unassembled figures (whoops!).

Stalingrad Building 1

So as I said in my last post I need to work on some buildings ready to put on a game in Stalingrad at Cavalier next month.  This is the first building and the test piece for how I am painting the other buildings.  I’m fairly happy with the outside of the building, although I plan on using a couple of pigments to dust the brick work up (it was still a little wet).  The inside of the building is a different matter, the red wall represent an opulent residence, but I’m not sure how to do the flooring – do I go with concrete or a wood?  The wood is unlikely to still be in place (you need to keep warm) but the concrete grey might be a bit too much.  I still need to dirty up the inside as well.

The outside of the building.
The outside of the building.
The inside of the building at the moment.
The inside of the building at the moment.

That was the year that was…

Well I tried hard to set myself a target to paint 365 28mm miniatures this year, and at one point thought I was well on target and going to get it done.  I managed 97 in the end, not even a third of my initial target I could blame all sorts of things, but the house move threw me entirely.  In the old house I had my own space and could leave my paints and  figure out to pick up the next moment of spare time, now I have to get my paint table out of the cupboard and set up on the dining room table.

On the upside I did manage to get 97 figures painted which was much more than I had managed in 2014.  I also took the opportunity to get to grips with laser cutting, I must thank the guys at work (not that they’ll read this) for letting me play.  I cut a lot of things, some you’ve seen, some that is still to be photographs.  I also purchased an Airbrush in exchange for all my Comics, most of my DVDs and a lot of my RPG books.

During the year I did manage to get in a number of games, less than I’d like.  A lot of Bolt Action was played in 2015, the Summer Campaign was fun.

Still it is now 2016 and so far I’ve managed to finish one book (okay I started it before Christmas and was given it in September!), and put together some of my most recent laser cutting pieces.  So what do I intend doing this year:

  1. Paint 150 figures of any scale.
  2. Paint a lot of the laser cut stuff.
  3. Assemble everything that I get this year (kickstarters inbound!).

Nothing major really!

Deadzone & 100th post

So that last post with books listed was my 100th post on WordPress, boy I need to post more often.

Anyway back to the painting challenge.  My Deadzone Enforcers hit the painting station earlier this week, well my 12 original figures did.  I decided on a paint scheme and launched into it, nice and simple and wow they’re finished already!

Deadzone batch 1
Deadzone batch 1
Deadzone batch 2
Deadzone batch 2

Uniform Grey Army Painter spray, followed by Dark Tone (Army Painter), Vallejo Sky Grey on some bits of armour and a bit of a dry brush on others, then GW Blazing Orange and Coat d’Arms Horse Tone Bay, finished with a wash of Soft Tone on Orange and Bay parts.  Army Painter Red Tone used for eyes.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 87
  • Figures complete = 74

Caught up a little bit there, but still behind.  More figures (easy to paint I hope) on the table from yet another system.

Pieces of eight – Pirates done

It’s taken me a while and to be honest they’ve been done for a while now, but 8 Mercenary Sea Dogs for Warmachine are now done.  Those of you who know your Sea Dogs from Privateer Press may notice a couple of none PP figures in the picture, these are there to bulk the unit out.

Sea Dog Crew
Sea Dog Crew

I did take a while to decide on the basing as well and decided to go with a sand base with a Reed/Wheat tuft.  Must admit afterwards I wished I gone with the greener gress tufts as the reed ones have blended into the sand base.  Still there are some more pirates somewhere to be finished off.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 82
  • Figures complete = 62

Starting to get rather badly behind, I hadn’t noticed the time slipping past.  Need to crack on with some more figures (and a better photo next time I promise).

Slow Progress

Slow progress has been made since the last post on the 9th February, yes that’s three weeks ago!  Too many real-life things have slowed me down and meant time away from the painting bench.  We’ve put the house on the market now and I guess that means more time away from the painting bench.  Still I managed to find the time to complete 11 more figures, so here I present the latest batch to reach the completed stage.

Half-jacks, mine counters and two version of Victoria Haley (epic and non-epic).  I only seem to have two half-jack and two mine counters, guess I never had the third one, those wondering where Darius is, well he’s still in some bits.

More Cygnar.
More Cygnar.

Continued with the Cygnar feel I present four warjacks, that should give all those warcasters I’ve painted something to command.  Only pity is, is that they are all light warjacks.  I present a Grenadier, Sentinel, Lancer and Hunter.

Cygnar Light Warjacks, ready and armed.
Cygnar Light Warjacks, ready and armed.

My final figure for this batch looks like he would fit in with the Cygnar troops, but is a Grundback Gunner for the Mercenary faction of Warmachine.

One Bunny with a gun.
One Bunny with a gun.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 59
  • Figures complete = 54

Not too badly behind in the count rate, but I need a few good weeks wo make up the gap.

Rifles, Chain Guns, Lightning and Flamers

More figures completed this week, although varnishing tomorrow afternoon as long as the weather holds.

First up we have 6 Cygnar Trenchers with their rifles ready and armed to fight.

6 Trenchers completed.
6 Trenchers completed.

Next up is a trencher chain gun crew, Captain Maxwell Finn and finally Commander Adept Nemo.

Chain Gun, Finn and Nemo.
Chain Gun, Finn and Nemo.

My Cygnar army is making good progress, although I think I need to undercoat the next batch and find some more warjacks as the army seems to have a number of warcasters, but currently only two warjacks.

Finally for my painting this week I present two fo the figures I dug out the week before which I started on and am now quite happy with.  For the game Dark Age I present two of the Forsaken Firestorms, lots of flesh on these figures….

Dark Age Forsaken Firestorm.
Dark Age Forsaken Firestorm.

That’s 12 figures completed in the last week, which is a record so far this year, I doubt I’ll beat it.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 40
  • Figures complete = 43

A slight lead on the one figure per day, but I have nothing on the table for this week yet and I’m away for a few days at the weekend.

More Warmachine

Some more warmachine figures have been completed this week.  More work on some of these than others.  I’d started on the Ironclad and the Journeyman Warcaster, but hadn’t finished them.  The Gun Mage Captain Adept have been painted by John, but he had received a knock on his hand and had never been based.  The Sentinel, Major Marcus Brisbane and Thor Steinhammer have been painted from undercoat upwards.  So that’s 6 figures down this week ,those with a good memory will remember me talking about 9 figures waiting to be painted unfortunately those other three haven’t really made much progress, so I’ll keep them on the table and drop some paint onto them as I use the colours.  I’ve got into a desire to finish off my Cygnar (wonder how long that will last!).

More Cygnar painted.
More Cygnar painted.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 32
  • Figures complete = 31

Behind by one figure, buts let see how this week goes.

Some Tanks done

Three tanks that have been sitting on my painting table for a while now are complete (minus varnish, which I’ll do this weekend weather allowing).  So without further ado I present you with a Vickers, a Honey Stuart and a Crusader.  All three are painted in my take on the early desert Caunter scheme. I’m sure it’s not right but I’m not that bothered.  Painting these has reminded me of why I hate painting tanks – tracks!!!!  The tracks annoy me trying to get the paint in the right place (the track work) and not the road wheels, particularly on the inside, still they’re done.

Desert Rat TanksThese three tanks will join my 8th Army troops (which need painting) in a battle of Tank War (Bolt Action) fairly soon!

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 9
  • Figures complete = 7

Not too far behind, time to dig out some more partly painted miniatures.

2015 Painting Challenge

I’ve seen lots of people setting out their resolutions and painting challenges etc for the year ahead.  I set out last year with three painting tasks:

  1. Complete Paras for Operation Biting
  2. Assemble and paint Deadzone figures
  3. Paint remaining Dreadball figures

So looking back now how did I do; Para’s finished (at least I thought I had, found some more the other day, whoops!), Deadzone – assembled paint what’s that, more figures inbound so I’ll hold off till they are all here, Dreadball – completed, just need playing with.

I did paint a few other things here and there over the year, but it is a year to seriously focus on finishing figures so I am challenging myself and the rest of the Friday Night Fire Fight Club to complete one 28mm miniature for each day of the year, that’s only 365 figures.  Miniature means tank, figure etc so you don’t get extra points for completing tanks.  I’m sticking with 28mm as the basis, anything smaller doesn’t count, larger figures count as one.

So this is day 6 of 2015 and my first four figures are complete (minus undercoat, not the weather to do that yet).  So I present here the Paranormal Exterminators from Crooked Dice:

GhostbustersState of Challenge:

  • Days down = 6
  • Figures complete = 4