Fully Painted

I had intended to write more yesterday however I spent too long with the pressure washer cleaning the block paving and my wrist didn’t like typing.

Anyhow “Fully Painted” I’m sure those of you who move around different forums have seen these little things in peoples signatures that are a “Countdown to fully painted”, finishing off the Retribution figures (well apart from one) got me thinking about that concept.  The ideal of being fully painted sounds good, after all it does look much more impressive at a tournament to see an entire army set  out on the table that is fully painted then the one in silver/white/black camo pattern does.  So I thought about doing a countdown to fully painted myself, and then realised that I’ve been purchasing miniatures at a faster rate than I’ve been painting them!  Ok so I’m not planning on cutting down further than I have already after all a budget is only good for one thing.  Basically I need to find time to do more painting then, so how about a countdown – well I have three lists on here, Operation Orboros (still going), Uncharted Seas and Warzone – Capitol, and none of those are completed.  Writing out the lists of figures that are still awaiting painting will take me longer than painting most of them (although having a list of figures might be good for insurance purposes!), I think I’ll stick to painting them.

Countdown to fully painted – not enough time to bother!


I won a Tournament

I hope you were sitting down when you read that, but it is true I won the Uncharted Seas Tournament that took place today at the University.  Thanks to Darryl for running it and the other guys for turning up and playing.

4 wins out of 4, with a fleet I thought didn’t stand a chance:

  • 2 Frigates
  • 2 Destroyers
  • 2 Cruisers
  • 1 Battleship
  • 1 Airship
  • 1 Submarine

Uncharted Sea

So I got into 2 games of Uncharted Seas in the shed tonight, one against the Orks and the other against the Elves.  The Ork game was looking close to start with and then the luck of the dice swung to my Ork opponent who happily creamed my Dwarf fleet.  I conceeded the game with a damaged Battleship and an undamaged Cruiser against 1 Battleship, 1 Cruiser and 5 Frigates, all of which were in boarding range!  The game against the Elves only lasted three turns due to time constraints.  I tried to maneuver around an Island and get upwind of the Elves, unfortunately they move way to fast for that, however sailing into the broadside of a Battleship is not the best idea even for the Elves.  The game finished with 2 Cruisers sunk by each side and 1 frigate sunk by the Elves, leaving the Elves up one side.  I’m sure things would have changed in the next turn.

Uncharted Seas is a a great game which runs really fast, if you haven’t looked at it go visit the site at Spartan Games.