Painting 2016

Time for a bit of an update on my painting for this year.  I’ve painted a lot of terrain for Broadsides (you can see much of it here), but I haven’t painted much in the way of figures and so haven’t made much progress on my target for the year, however I have been trying to improve my painting so here are some shots of what I have painted this year:

Enforcers for Broadside 2016
Enforcers for Broadside 2016
Wolsung Hound of the Baskervilles – Warhound for my Frostgrave warband.
Nerak the Bold a Confrontation figure, joining my Frostgrave warband.
Cygnar Charger
Cygnar Charger

Frostgrave Campaign – Game Three

Once more we ventured into the Snowy City of Frostgrave our merry band had been filled out by new arrivals including our new “warhound” Scooby.  Marching alongside Gimrin, our long time crossbowman, was a newcomer Volked Gemforger who also wielded the crossbow.  Ahead of us we spottted the ruins that Zedd had aimed for, with the hope that something useful could be found within.  We started to spread out across the ruins, Zedd with Gimrin and the Captain (Gruund Firmheart) in the centre, to the right was Volked, Thorin and Thorgrim, to the left Scooby, Skonmic and Thistori.  I stayed near to Zedd my skills had saved his life more than once.  Suddenly another warband appeared on the other side of the ruins and Zedd urged us forward to grab the treasure.  On the right Thorgrim grabbed the Treasure nearest to him and began to leg it back to our base, I wasn’t far behind with the central treasure and on the left Thistori was making off with that one.  Behind me I heard the twanging of the crossbows as bolts started to fly towards the enemy Wizard, spells sent shivers down my spine even from a safe distance, however only Scooby came home injured and that wasn’t too bad, the other warband made it home unscathed.

Thanks to Liam for a gentlemanly game of Frostgrave in which neither warband (with the exception of my warhound) made it into melee combat.  I made it off with three treasures as did Liam.

Frostgrave Campaign – Game Two

The snowy city of Frostgrave called to us once more and Zedd prepared us to go forth into the the city to see if we could have a more successful advenure than last time.  The merry band marched forth, Nathan the new apprentice speaking quietly with the Captain about battle.  Nathan wasn’t the only new member of the band as Thorgrim Lightfingers a well trained thief had jounryed to the city with Nathan and now looked for treasure alongside us.  Zedd had spotted an old church on the map and whilst the thought of graveyards and bone didn’t bring back happy memories there might well be treasure over there.  As we approached the churchwe started to spreadout, I joined Thorin and the crossbowman in guarding Zedd on the left of our band.  Nathan and the Captain moved forward together in the centre, which left Thistur, Skonmic Kragrock and Thorgrim on the right.  As the mist of the morning cleared it became clear we weren’t the only one looking for treasure at the church and the twang of a bowstring soon confirmed the appearance of another warband looking for valuable loot.  Two quarrels flew in rapid succession and were followed by a serious thump as one of the enemy warband fell dead from the second floor of a ruined building.  Nathan was showing off his skills on the far side as he used magic to move of the treasures in our direction.  Thorgrim got the first treasure, Throin got the second and the Captain grabbed a third one.  Moments later though the Captain handed the treasure he’d picked up to me and told me to leg it, which I did.  Sitting at base sharing a beer it seems the battle had raged on behind me with Magical bolts and grenades flying across the battlefield.  Skonmic had dealt with the enemy warhound and one of their fighters before grabbing a fourth treasure and moving towards home.  It seems the other warband had decided not to push their luck and had retired off towards their base with a few piece of treasure and some bodies.  Back a base Zedd was enjoying checking out the treasure, it looks like he got some potions, at least that’s what I assume the glowing bottles of liquid were, a couple of old dusty books and more gold.  Whilst he was checking that out Skonmic had gone hunting in the back of the brewery and had been surprised to find a kennel buried in the snow, he’d been hoping for some treasure of course.

A great game last night, thanks to James, we both grabbed treasure and I certainly saw the huge advantage of the leap spell to get moving with the treasure.  I managed to get hold of four treasures, whilst James grabbed three.  All-in-all it was another great game, although I now need to find a warhound figure that fits in with my Confrontation dwarfs and looks little steampunky (Wolsung’s Hound of the Baskervilles is the best I could spot last night but seems rather expensive for one figure!).

Frostgrave Campaign – Game one

The Undead advanced across the ruins of the city of Frostgrave as we moved forward in our first adventure, the Enchanter Zed wanted to get his hands on some new treasure and we’d been hired to help him out.  Our Captain, in his blue armour, had told us to grab the treasure run back to our base.  No problem there the base was an old brewery with plenty of beer to keep us going after the battle.  I moved forward with the others the chill in the air seeping into my body was nothing compared to the chill of seeing old dead bones walking towards you with swords in hand.  Our crossbowman climbed up into the ruins to get a better view of the battlefield, his quarrel loaded and ready to be shot at something.  I felt a brief tinkle across my body as the Enchanter cast a spell on my armour, my  axe was ready to taste bone.  Thorin got to the first treasure chest and started to leg it back to base, Thisturi moved towards the second one, and our Treasure Hunter, Skonmic Kragrock rushed to the third.  Myself and the captain moved forward with Zed and his apprentice Richard, our aim was to cover the retreat of the others, the Necromancer had other ideas and sent his undead minions forward to kill us all.

So my first game of Frostgrave was on Friday night, I decided to use my Confrontation Dwarfs as my warband as they were the only really suitable figures in my collection.  Without the rulebook I had to sort everything out on the night, thankfully Frostgrave doesn’t take too long to organise with a limit on the number of figures you can take.  My warband consisted of an Enchanter, his apprentice, a Captain, a Treasure Hunter, a Crossbowman and three thugs.  I was up against Lee’s Necromancer and his warband.  The game was fun and the balance provided by a d20 saw both of us make spectacular rolls and amazing failures, the contest was in the balance for quite a long time.  I was one point short of killing the Necromancer and had cleared out most of the rest of the warband by the end of the game.  The downside was that I only had one poor thug left to continue to fight.

I was in front of Zed as the Undead’s Captain and a Barbarian, strange how you can tell what a collection of bones use to be, bore down on us.  The Captain had left me alone as Zed’s guard as he moved to defend the apprentice and Thisturi.  I thought I was done for and about to become more bones for the Necromancer to command, the two shambling undead attacked with swords, my axe whirled around blocking each thrust.  An opening in the captain’s guard saw him fall his bones dropping to the floor with his armour, the next second the barbarian is there again the duel could have gone on and on until my axe slipped through his defences and dropped his bones to the ground with a satisfying clunk.  As the battle quietened around me I realised that I was the only one standing, even Zed was out for the count behind me.  I moved to check on the others as the Undead gathered the remaining treasure and headed for home, only one didn’t stir as I checked for a pulse – Richard poor Richard, no longer would he seek the truths of the way of the Enchanter.