What do you mean it’s August?

So it’s been nearly 5 months since I last posted – what happened to the time.  Broadside games show has been and gone, I ended up buying more terrain to set up the wildwest town and I think we did a good job in the end:

I picked up Test of Honour earlier in the year, whilst at Chaos Cards and that got me wanting to paint some samurai, thankfully I have quite a number sitting around.  A number of years ago I got into Clan Wars (Legend of the Five Rings) and had built up a small Phoenix Clan army which I hadn’t painted, some had been based coated.  Test of Honour got me into painting them so I present my first Phoenix unit (far too many Samurai for Test of Honour) the Shiba House Guard and Shiba Katsuda:

My next painting project is sitting in the background – look out for the results.