Stalingrad Building 1

So as I said in my last post I need to work on some buildings ready to put on a game in Stalingrad at Cavalier next month.  This is the first building and the test piece for how I am painting the other buildings.  I’m fairly happy with the outside of the building, although I plan on using a couple of pigments to dust the brick work up (it was still a little wet).  The inside of the building is a different matter, the red wall represent an opulent residence, but I’m not sure how to do the flooring – do I go with concrete or a wood?  The wood is unlikely to still be in place (you need to keep warm) but the concrete grey might be a bit too much.  I still need to dirty up the inside as well.

The outside of the building.
The outside of the building.
The inside of the building at the moment.
The inside of the building at the moment.

That was the year that was…

Well I tried hard to set myself a target to paint 365 28mm miniatures this year, and at one point thought I was well on target and going to get it done.  I managed 97 in the end, not even a third of my initial target I could blame all sorts of things, but the house move threw me entirely.  In the old house I had my own space and could leave my paints and  figure out to pick up the next moment of spare time, now I have to get my paint table out of the cupboard and set up on the dining room table.

On the upside I did manage to get 97 figures painted which was much more than I had managed in 2014.  I also took the opportunity to get to grips with laser cutting, I must thank the guys at work (not that they’ll read this) for letting me play.  I cut a lot of things, some you’ve seen, some that is still to be photographs.  I also purchased an Airbrush in exchange for all my Comics, most of my DVDs and a lot of my RPG books.

During the year I did manage to get in a number of games, less than I’d like.  A lot of Bolt Action was played in 2015, the Summer Campaign was fun.

Still it is now 2016 and so far I’ve managed to finish one book (okay I started it before Christmas and was given it in September!), and put together some of my most recent laser cutting pieces.  So what do I intend doing this year:

  1. Paint 150 figures of any scale.
  2. Paint a lot of the laser cut stuff.
  3. Assemble everything that I get this year (kickstarters inbound!).

Nothing major really!

Building stuff

Well the end of term has come and for some reason this released me to build some stuff that has been sitting around in some cases for quite some time.

First off I completed the build of a Universal Carrer kit that I picked up on the bring ‘n’ buy at SELWEG.  This is a plastic Warlord Games kit.  The kit went together well, although I did manage to put the wrong Bren gun into the passengers area and so I couldn’t add the pintel mounted gun.

I then started work on a 1:72 Warrior MCV or IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).  This is a kit that I’ve had for quite a while and was always intended to supplement the Warriors I’d bought when Battlefield Evolution came out (and subsequently disappeared).  The kit was a proper model kit and not a wargamers kit and so was a little more complex.

Returning to World War 2 and Warlord Games I decided to build my AEC Armoured Car Mark II, that I purchased recently, this was a resin and metal kit.  It went together easily and looks rather a beast.

Finally I assembled the Warlord Games Ruined Farmhouse, I kind of wish they’d created some better joints, or at least put beveled corners on the walls to increase the contact area.

Finally I based some 1:72 British Infantry on washers, although I think they may be too large I need them for tomorrow nights game.

Bolt Action Summer Campaign Week 5

Well I missed weeks 3 & 4 due to holidays, so I returned to action during Week 5, where I took on Darryl in the Brits vs Yanks comabt.  Darryl reported the battle and I include his report below:

In late May 1944 a war game was fought on the beaches of South West England. A British landing force of two DD Sherman tanks and two landing craft with elements of two infantry platoons was opposed by a platoon of the elite 1st US Infantry Division. Entrenched in bunkers overlooking the beach the US platoon called in both air support and an artillery barrage as the British landing craft drove for the beach. Before the morning was over the referees ruled that the defences had held, and aside from an embarrassing friendly fire incident with their own air force, the US platoon was adjudged to have held the British advance on the beaches. Lessons were hopefully learned that might have saved real lives on D-Day itself.

No Fubars this week, on to Week 6 next Friday and a conflict on the Islands of the Pacific with Aussies vs Japs.

Bolt Action Summer Campaign Week 2

Time for the second week of the Bolt Action Summer Campaign and this week my Brits took on Paul’s Poles.

British and Polish forces engaged in a wargame on British soil. One section of British Infantry supported by a 25pdr gun set up to defend a forward observation point. Superior numbers of Polish force including lancers moved rapidly against the British Section which quickly came under heavy fire. The arrival of British reinforcements looked to be about to turn the battle with the A9 Cruiser moving up one flank and engaged the encroaching Polish forces on the British left. Unfortunately the British Artillery miss placed their shot (as judged by the French observers) onto the central British forces causing them all to dive for cover. With the British forces hunkering down the Poles took the advantage and pushed the British out of the observation point securing it and the battle for themselves.

Another Fubar this week, with the Bren Carrier firing on the troops infront of it, and the artillery missing and landing in the middle of the British forces (both Brens, the Medic, the Forward Artillery Observer, the Mortar and the Officer got hit).  The Artillery miss turned the battle so there is the second loss in the Summer Campaign for the Brits.

That’s it for two weeks now, I might find some time to paint before I game next.

Bolt Action Summer Campaign Week 1

Last night was my first battle as part of Warlord games Summer Campaign for Bolt Action.

The first week of the campaign covered the period of 1939/40 and so the rules favoured the Germans giving them an extra 20% of points and removing some of the British special rules.

We decided on a 1000 point battle (1000 points of British vs 1200 points of Germans) and picked Scenario 4: The Black Brigade from the new Germany Strikes! book.  This placed the Germans as the attackers on a bridge objective in the middle of the table and the British as the defenders.  Below is my brief battle report:

The German invasion of France exploded into the British lines as they valiantly tried to hold a bridge over a local river. The German Infantry advanced quickly across the ground only pausing then the British Artillery erupted in the middle of them. One of the British A10 Cruisers arrived on the scene fired quickly in an advancing unit and then took a return shot from the German Anti-tank rifle. The tank promptly failed to distinguish between the Germans and a nearby unit of British Infantry killing two Brits. Sadly struken with grief the tank then turned tail and ran. The British infantry bravely tried to hold the overwhelming numbers of Germans off but were overrun.

Some Tanks done

Three tanks that have been sitting on my painting table for a while now are complete (minus varnish, which I’ll do this weekend weather allowing).  So without further ado I present you with a Vickers, a Honey Stuart and a Crusader.  All three are painted in my take on the early desert Caunter scheme. I’m sure it’s not right but I’m not that bothered.  Painting these has reminded me of why I hate painting tanks – tracks!!!!  The tracks annoy me trying to get the paint in the right place (the track work) and not the road wheels, particularly on the inside, still they’re done.

Desert Rat TanksThese three tanks will join my 8th Army troops (which need painting) in a battle of Tank War (Bolt Action) fairly soon!

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 9
  • Figures complete = 7

Not too far behind, time to dig out some more partly painted miniatures.