What do you mean it’s August?

So it’s been nearly 5 months since I last posted – what happened to the time.  Broadside games show has been and gone, I ended up buying more terrain to set up the wildwest town and I think we did a good job in the end:

I picked up Test of Honour earlier in the year, whilst at Chaos Cards and that got me wanting to paint some samurai, thankfully I have quite a number sitting around.  A number of years ago I got into Clan Wars (Legend of the Five Rings) and had built up a small Phoenix Clan army which I hadn’t painted, some had been based coated.  Test of Honour got me into painting them so I present my first Phoenix unit (far too many Samurai for Test of Honour) the Shiba House Guard and Shiba Katsuda:

My next painting project is sitting in the background – look out for the results.


Figures painted

What’s that figures painted, yes I’ve actually finished painting some figures.

First up is a Leman Russ Battle Tank for 40K, this was the first thing that I practiced with my airbrush on, the camoflague is all airbrushed.  The tracks look shinier in the photos than they do in real-life.

Next up are three hired hands for the Confederate Rebellion in Wild West Exodus, these join the Nazombie I posted about a while ago.


Well my Easter holidays have started and what better way to celebrate than spending several hours in the shed avoiding small children (mostly not mine!).  I cracked open the delivery from the Warpath kickstarter by Mantic Games and decided that I wanted to assembly my Enforcer Interceptors, after a few head scratching minutes I hunted down some picture to help with the assembly (I’ll do a better assembly guide with the last one).  So by the end of today I had three brand spanking new flyers assembled and ready for painting, so below we have (l-to-r) Arbiter Interceptor, Accuser Interceptor and final the Persecutor Bomber:

Enforcer Interceptors.

Still lots of Enforcers to assemble and as I said a third Interceptor.

Shabby Opponent

Friday night was game night once more for the Friday Night Fire Fight Crew and I managed to get along for a game.  I agreed a game of Beyond the Gates of Antares with Darryl, with both play Ghar so double disruption dice made the game interesting.

We randomly rolled a scenario and got a scenario where you have to retrive a drone from the middle of the table.  You start with only half your army available to start with and the others have to pass an order test to come onto the table from the second turn.  Well we had pretty similar armies (2 Battle suit squads, a squad of tectorists), Darryl took the Disruptor Cannon on it’s own and I took it as part of a squad of Outcasts.  Darryl started with one Battle Suit squad and his tectorists, I started with one Battle Suit Squad and my Outcasts.  Well the rest of my army obviously got lost on the way to the battlefield, even the cries of death of my entire Outcast squad in one turn couldn’t get them to the battle.  Darryl used one of his tectorists to grab the drone and then used his battle suits to stop me targetting the little blitter as he ran off with the drone.

I enjoyed the game, but those d10 are in trouble.  My Luiggers rolled a 10 on limited ammo the first time they fired!  I did manage to kill 3 of the 4 tectorists but that was it.

A shabby tactic by Darryl, but well played.

The table - we really need to remember some Sci-Fi terrain next time.
The table – we really need to remember some Sci-Fi terrain next time.
Darryl's well painted Ghar.
Darryl’s well painted Ghar.

On other fronts I’m making progress on the buildings for Stalingrad, just need to finish off the concrete exterior and the interior on the last three and the concrete floors on all four buildings.

I’ve also continued the inventory of my miniatures and have now catalogued 1679 of which 92% are built and 63% are painted.  I just added my AT-43 army which is a pre-painted game so that helped increase the percentages of both.  Lots more bags to go through as well as the two crates of unassembled figures (whoops!).

GW excitement, really?

Something coming out of Games Workshop has me excited and it’s not from the specialist games division.  The moving forward of the storyline with the Gathering Storm series seems to be actually adding something to 40K, what it is we’ll have to wait and see.  I don’t normally bother too much with the likes of 40K and other Warhammer properties but I do have the figures for a couple of 40K armies and have played both of them in the current edition of the rules.  I do look at what is coming out and I have noticed the greater engagement with the community coming out of GW HQ, so what has got me so excited that I’m blogging about it.  GW have teased the figrues for Gathering Storm III, to be fair I think that the material in the next White Dwarf had leaked onto the Internet, but rather than ignoring the Heresy GW actually went ahead and released the information offically (a good move for them).  So as with the other Gathering Storm Triumvirates GW are releasing a three figure set entitled Triumvirate of the Primarch and one of the three figures really has made something click for me in terms of my one 40K army.

So who/what is it?

Let’s just take a look at the three figures being released:

So the Primach of the title is Roboute Gulliman of the Ultramarines:

Okay so you get two heads, one helmeted as I’ve shown and one unhelmeted.  Gulliman does nothing for me to be honest, the armour is too busy and the unhelmeted head really turns me off.  Still Gulliman coming back from the dead certainly moves the story on and the hints that he isn’t impressed with the state of the Imperium (and worshipping his dad) will certainly take 40K somewhere.





The second figure in the set is Grand Master Voldus of the Grey Knight 3rd Brotherhood:

I’ll be honest I’ve never followed the Grey Knights particularly and know next to nothing about them.

This figure does nothing to excite me with the Grey Knights or make me want to go out and buy the set.  The pose of the figure really doesn’t make me feel that this is a great defender of the Empire and he feels rather static to me.

How he ties in with Gulliman I have no clue, will he be fighting alongside him or leading a crusade against the Primarch of the Ultramarines.





So that only leaves one figure and he has certainly made a change for me:

I present to you Cypher – long hunted by the Unforgiven (the Dark Angels and their succesors) this leader of the Fallen has been seen fighting for both sides in the struggles for the Imperium.

I really like the fact that they’ve bought him back and in some of the other pictures floating the internet related to this release he is seen fighting alongside  Gulliman and a group of the Fallen.  Could this finally answer a lot of questions about the Dark Angels, who are so secretative that no-one truely knows which side they are on.  Gav Thorpe’s Angels of Darkness left a lot of questions about who  is telling the truth the Inner Circle of the Unforgiven or Astelan who is undergoing interrogation.  Perhaps Astelan’s story is the whole truth and the Dark Angels have been doing more than just hiding the split in their ranks from the rest of the Imperium.

This figure looks great and even tells part of the story, the sword on his back is the Lion Sword of the Primarch of the Dark Angels.  The figure actually has a certain amount of dynamism in it, the reaching for the bolt pistol, the look in the eyes and the flowing robes.  I’m tempted to buy the whole set, if only to get this figure.

The other thing this figure does is give me an idea for my Dark Angels army – no longer will it be the Dark Angels Chapter we know from 40K Lore, I intend creating a Fallen chapter.  I’ve got to work on the fluff but it mean black armour rather than the dark green that I had thought I was going to paint.

Gaming time

No work on the buildings for Cavalier this week, although I have now decided to go with concrete floors, they require less work and seem to make more sense to me.

What I have managed this week is a game, the first of 2017!  I played David at Beyond the Gates of Antares last night and whilst I lost by a country mile it was a fun game.  The dice gods did not look favourable on me as I repeatedly failed to roll less than a 10 on a 10 sided dice!  I do need to build some more figures at some point.  If I get time I’ll try to write a little story for the game, I do find myself drawn more and more to the narrative aspects of this hobby.

On another point I’ve slowly been working on my inventory of figures so far I’ve checked 1538 miniatues (I’m counting 15mm squad bases from FoW as one miniature here), 95% of which are assembled and 66% of which are painted.  Plenty more figure to add to the inventory and loads more to paint.  Of the ones I’ve add, 649 are for Warmahordes with 179 of them for the Khador faction.  My biggest single army in terms of figures is my Slaughterloo dwarf army standing (very short I know) at 291 figures, 95% of which are painted.

More next week, and hopefully more progress on the buildings!

Stalingrad Building 1

So as I said in my last post I need to work on some buildings ready to put on a game in Stalingrad at Cavalier next month.  This is the first building and the test piece for how I am painting the other buildings.  I’m fairly happy with the outside of the building, although I plan on using a couple of pigments to dust the brick work up (it was still a little wet).  The inside of the building is a different matter, the red wall represent an opulent residence, but I’m not sure how to do the flooring – do I go with concrete or a wood?  The wood is unlikely to still be in place (you need to keep warm) but the concrete grey might be a bit too much.  I still need to dirty up the inside as well.

The outside of the building.
The outside of the building.
The inside of the building at the moment.
The inside of the building at the moment.

It’s 2017

A New Year and a nothing changes really.  I’ve still got a shed full of lead and a lot of it needs painting, thankfully I have some key choke points coming up this year which mean that things need to be painted:

  1. Cavalier – I’ve got some MDF ruined buildings that need painting up, the first one is in progress as a test piece for how I complete the others.  More soon. Date: 26th February
  2. Broadside – We plan on using some Wild West Exodus warbands for our game so I need to paint up my Confederates.  Date: 11th June
  3. SELWG – We seem to be planning a WW1 game for the show, so I think I need to paint up my Highlanders.  Date 22nd October?

Around that I will have to paint some more figures.  I’ve found a spreadsheet being shared that was created by James “TheBustinChops” Hancock, which allows me to create an inventory of all the figures I have, whether they are built and whether they are painted.  I’ve started filling this out and I think I may have a problem, so far I have inventoried 1204 figures of which 885 are painted (that’s 74%), unfortunately there is still a lot of cases to open and a lot of unassembled stuff to go as well.  I aim to complete this this year and try to make a dent in the number of figures which need painting.  Those of you who have followed my blog may remember I refused to do a countdown to fully painted, well I still don’t care to countdown to fully painted but I am going to track what I have and what is done, just in case.

Have a great New Year folks and remember to keep painting!