Jodain is the name of a character that I used to play on a game called Nanvaent, this was a MUD, and I was at Uni at the time.  I have continued to use the name as it is so unusual, although it does raise a few eyebrows when you’re giving your email address out to people.  I was previously a Warmachine and Hordes Press Ganger and ran a number of tournaments in Canterbury.

I founded Canterbury Gamers News (which is no longer running unfortunately) using it to relaunch The Paris Tribune (an EnGarde PB(e)M game).  CGN ran from January 2002 until 2016 with various games and GMs popping in.  Unfortunately like many things the momentum ran out and families came along for those of us who had been involved.  Alongside that I am one of the founding members of the Friday Night Fire Fight Club a group of like minded individuals (we are not a club as such) who game together and organise tournaments and show games.  The Club continues to meet on Friday Nights at the University of Kent, but currently has no web presence, if you can find us on facebook, mabe you can join the FNFFC!

In real life I’m a Physics and Computing Teacher at a school in Kent.