2017, another year gone.

2017 is now gone and 2018 has started so it’s time to look back on the old year and forward to the new one.

It’s strange but this seems to be the only post that I can manage to produce each year, I need to be more reliable when it comes to this blog – something I say every year.  Still lets take a look back at last year, I set out with three “choke points” for the year all of which were show related.  Cavalier went well we put out the Stalingrad game and I painted some more of my MDF terrain (ruined buildings).  Broadsides saw our Wild West Exodus game go out on the table with my Confederate posse having been painted along with some Wild West related terrain so which I cut and other bits the gaming group bought in and assembled.  The game for SELWG changed at the last minute and the guys took the Deadzone game we’d done for Broadsides last year, thankfully everything was assembled and preped ready to roll out.  I continued to inventory my figures and I think I’ve managed to include pretty much everything with 2817 miniatures across a large number of games of which 55% of them are painted – I need to do something about that this year.

So 2018 is ahead and plans for Cavalier are in progress, I don’t need to prepare any terrain, or figure, instead it is electronics for me this time.  More to come on that as I try and get it working.  Broadsides and SELWG are a long way off and no plans are in place.  So once the electronics are in place it is time to focus on painting some figures and blogging my way through them.

At the moment I am working on Robute Gulliman, I hope the sword works out nicely I’m going to follow Duncan’s painting scheme from Warhammer TV.

Happy New Year folks, I hope 2018 is good to you.