Gaming time

No work on the buildings for Cavalier this week, although I have now decided to go with concrete floors, they require less work and seem to make more sense to me.

What I have managed this week is a game, the first of 2017!  I played David at Beyond the Gates of Antares last night and whilst I lost by a country mile it was a fun game.  The dice gods did not look favourable on me as I repeatedly failed to roll less than a 10 on a 10 sided dice!  I do need to build some more figures at some point.  If I get time I’ll try to write a little story for the game, I do find myself drawn more and more to the narrative aspects of this hobby.

On another point I’ve slowly been working on my inventory of figures so far I’ve checked 1538 miniatues (I’m counting 15mm squad bases from FoW as one miniature here), 95% of which are assembled and 66% of which are painted.  Plenty more figure to add to the inventory and loads more to paint.  Of the ones I’ve add, 649 are for Warmahordes with 179 of them for the Khador faction.  My biggest single army in terms of figures is my Slaughterloo dwarf army standing (very short I know) at 291 figures, 95% of which are painted.

More next week, and hopefully more progress on the buildings!