It’s 2017

A New Year and a nothing changes really.  I’ve still got a shed full of lead and a lot of it needs painting, thankfully I have some key choke points coming up this year which mean that things need to be painted:

  1. Cavalier – I’ve got some MDF ruined buildings that need painting up, the first one is in progress as a test piece for how I complete the others.  More soon. Date: 26th February
  2. Broadside – We plan on using some Wild West Exodus warbands for our game so I need to paint up my Confederates.  Date: 11th June
  3. SELWG – We seem to be planning a WW1 game for the show, so I think I need to paint up my Highlanders.  Date 22nd October?

Around that I will have to paint some more figures.  I’ve found a spreadsheet being shared that was created by James “TheBustinChops” Hancock, which allows me to create an inventory of all the figures I have, whether they are built and whether they are painted.  I’ve started filling this out and I think I may have a problem, so far I have inventoried 1204 figures of which 885 are painted (that’s 74%), unfortunately there is still a lot of cases to open and a lot of unassembled stuff to go as well.  I aim to complete this this year and try to make a dent in the number of figures which need painting.  Those of you who have followed my blog may remember I refused to do a countdown to fully painted, well I still don’t care to countdown to fully painted but I am going to track what I have and what is done, just in case.

Have a great New Year folks and remember to keep painting!