Review of the Year – 2016

One of these years I’m going to have a normal year and get lots of Hobby done, well I can hope can’t I!

2016 started off bad, I won’t go into details but the first half of the year was a right-off, the middle of the year got a lot better and the end of the year hasn’t been too bad.  Still I set out at the beginning of the year to:

  1. Paint 150 figures of any scale.
  2. Paint a lot of the laser cut stuff.
  3. Assemble everything that I get this year (kickstarters inbound!).

So how did I do?Golden Button

Paint 150 figures – I’ve lost track this year of what I have painted, but no where near 150 figures!  I am proud of the Nazombie that earned me a Golden Button on Beast of War!  I blogged about it on here, and it was the first miniature that I’ve worked on with my airbrush (tanks don’t count).  I did finish off some of my Enforcers for Deadzone to take to Broadsides.

Paint a lot fo the laser cut stuff – well I could say that this happened a lot of the stuff that I had cut at work and also the stuff I had purchased got painted and assembled this year, mostly so that it was ready to grace the table at Broadsides, more stuff has been cut recently and there is still stuff that has been cut/purchases that I need to finish (guess what I need some of it for Broadsides this year.

Assemble everything that I get this year – My Confederate figures for Wild West Exodus all got assembled and are in the process of being painted, but there is stuff I purchased this year that hasn’t been assembled.  I got into Beyond the Gates of Antares this year, but I’ve only managed to assembly about half of what I got (Polystyrene cement smells too much to use in the house, according to she who must be obeyed!).  Last week a parcelforce guy arrived with a worried look and asked if the parcel should rattle, that was the arrival of my Warpath kickstarter package (12 months after pledging) that won’t be assembled this year then.

All-in-all a pretty poor year for my aims.

Gaming wise I’ve played a few games of Frostgrave – love the ideas and the universe, not so sure on the system (or perhaps it’s me).  I’ve had a couple of games of Warmachine against Paul, it was nice to have another go at that game (sorry for playing the shooty army Paul).  I had a go at Gates of Antares and enjoyed a thoroughly good game against Joe – more of those to come.

Films – I can’t leave this year without mentioning Rogue One – A Star Wars Story, I went to see it on the opening Thursday and was blown away through the movie.  To say I was riveted to the screen was an understatement, all the things that The Force Awakens got wrong, this film seemed to get right.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed The Force Awakens and watched the DVD not long ago, it expanded the lives of the characters I grew up with and loved, Rogue One however gave us a view from a different perspective.  It might have helped that I had read Catalyst beforehand (thanks to a couple of train trips to London) as it meant that I had an emotional link to Jyn Erso.  If you haven’t seen it yet, you will enjoy it!

Well that was 2016 – the year that took so many famous people away that it was silly.