Wild West Exodus – Nazombie

It has taken me a while to get this one finished but I have now finished my Nazombie for Wild West Exodus.  This zombie snake for the Confederate Rebellion is an amazing piece, I set out with the idea to make it look really pale and tried some new techniques.  First off I undercoated it grey and then sprayed white undercoat from the top to try to create a pre-shading, next I took my airbrush and Menoth White Base, unfortunately I lost the pre-shading.  I continued with the air brush to apply Menoth White Highligt to the top layers and then air brushed Waywatcher green, this turned out much brighter than I had hoped.  From here on I just went with it, so there are washes of Dark Angles Green, Dark Tone, Soft Tone and Strong Tone as well as highlights of White Base just for the skin of the snake.  The spine is two shades of silver and dots of red, the tongue has two red paints and then a wash of Red Tone, which was also applied to the ends of the metal bits.  The base is a twig from the garden and the grass is a bit of an old paint brush.  The brown on the base (yes there is some) is one of GW’s new technical paints, but I didn’t have enough room to really make use of it, look out for me using it again.  I’ve finished if off at the moment with some gloss varnish on the bits I’d like to be shiny, but I have yet to varnish the rest of the model, so they will most likely have to be redone.  Anyway enough rambling here is the finished piece: