Frostgrave Campaign – Game Three

Once more we ventured into the Snowy City of Frostgrave our merry band had been filled out by new arrivals including our new “warhound” Scooby.  Marching alongside Gimrin, our long time crossbowman, was a newcomer Volked Gemforger who also wielded the crossbow.  Ahead of us we spottted the ruins that Zedd had aimed for, with the hope that something useful could be found within.  We started to spread out across the ruins, Zedd with Gimrin and the Captain (Gruund Firmheart) in the centre, to the right was Volked, Thorin and Thorgrim, to the left Scooby, Skonmic and Thistori.  I stayed near to Zedd my skills had saved his life more than once.  Suddenly another warband appeared on the other side of the ruins and Zedd urged us forward to grab the treasure.  On the right Thorgrim grabbed the Treasure nearest to him and began to leg it back to our base, I wasn’t far behind with the central treasure and on the left Thistori was making off with that one.  Behind me I heard the twanging of the crossbows as bolts started to fly towards the enemy Wizard, spells sent shivers down my spine even from a safe distance, however only Scooby came home injured and that wasn’t too bad, the other warband made it home unscathed.

Thanks to Liam for a gentlemanly game of Frostgrave in which neither warband (with the exception of my warhound) made it into melee combat.  I made it off with three treasures as did Liam.