Frostgrave Campaign – Game Two

The snowy city of Frostgrave called to us once more and Zedd prepared us to go forth into the the city to see if we could have a more successful advenure than last time.  The merry band marched forth, Nathan the new apprentice speaking quietly with the Captain about battle.  Nathan wasn’t the only new member of the band as Thorgrim Lightfingers a well trained thief had jounryed to the city with Nathan and now looked for treasure alongside us.  Zedd had spotted an old church on the map and whilst the thought of graveyards and bone didn’t bring back happy memories there might well be treasure over there.  As we approached the churchwe started to spreadout, I joined Thorin and the crossbowman in guarding Zedd on the left of our band.  Nathan and the Captain moved forward together in the centre, which left Thistur, Skonmic Kragrock and Thorgrim on the right.  As the mist of the morning cleared it became clear we weren’t the only one looking for treasure at the church and the twang of a bowstring soon confirmed the appearance of another warband looking for valuable loot.  Two quarrels flew in rapid succession and were followed by a serious thump as one of the enemy warband fell dead from the second floor of a ruined building.  Nathan was showing off his skills on the far side as he used magic to move of the treasures in our direction.  Thorgrim got the first treasure, Throin got the second and the Captain grabbed a third one.  Moments later though the Captain handed the treasure he’d picked up to me and told me to leg it, which I did.  Sitting at base sharing a beer it seems the battle had raged on behind me with Magical bolts and grenades flying across the battlefield.  Skonmic had dealt with the enemy warhound and one of their fighters before grabbing a fourth treasure and moving towards home.  It seems the other warband had decided not to push their luck and had retired off towards their base with a few piece of treasure and some bodies.  Back a base Zedd was enjoying checking out the treasure, it looks like he got some potions, at least that’s what I assume the glowing bottles of liquid were, a couple of old dusty books and more gold.  Whilst he was checking that out Skonmic had gone hunting in the back of the brewery and had been surprised to find a kennel buried in the snow, he’d been hoping for some treasure of course.

A great game last night, thanks to James, we both grabbed treasure and I certainly saw the huge advantage of the leap spell to get moving with the treasure.  I managed to get hold of four treasures, whilst James grabbed three.  All-in-all it was another great game, although I now need to find a warhound figure that fits in with my Confrontation dwarfs and looks little steampunky (Wolsung’s Hound of the Baskervilles is the best I could spot last night but seems rather expensive for one figure!).