Broadsides 2016 – Preparation Part 1

Is it nearly the end of March already, what happened – actually lots but I’m not blogging about it as it is all real life.  Still the Easter holidays are here for me, whilst my eldest is still at school!  Time to start double checking the game for Broadsides 2016, this is the Sittingbourne Wargames show on Sunday 12th June.  At some point last year I had the crazy idea of arranging the game for this year and so starting thinking.  The idea is a variant of “Get to the chopper”, in this case it is a Sci-Fi setting so “Get to the lander” seems more appropriate.  The game is set in the Mantic Deadzone universe and the figures making up both sides are from that game with Enforcers trying to get to the lander and a bunch of plague trying to stop them.  This is a participation game with the players taking control of the Enforcers.  Beyond this I haven’t finished details although I intend using a cut down version of the Deadzone rules (need to see the new v2 yet though).  The terrain is the biggest issue and so I set out with this in mind when starting to play with the laser cutter, Rorke’s Drift that was shown at Cavalier last month was one of the earliest cuts.  I thought today that I better actually try laying out the terrain and check how much more I need to cut, we have a 6’x5′ table, but to leave space to organise figures etc we are planning on a 5’x4′ gaming space.  I put down the 6’x4′ green mat that I picked up at SELWEG last year and foled a foot over to give me the right size space, I then started laying out the terrain and this is where I got to:

Terrain for Broadsides
Terrain for Broadsides
From the opposite side
A view from one end.

Having put it out I need to build one more Habitat (the flat L-shape represents the last habitiat) and cut two pieces to fill the missing walkway space and I need to replace the corner piece as it doesn’t work with the straights.  Now who thought I couldn’t fill the board?