Building stuff

Well the end of term has come and for some reason this released me to build some stuff that has been sitting around in some cases for quite some time.

First off I completed the build of a Universal Carrer kit that I picked up on the bring ‘n’ buy at SELWEG.  This is a plastic Warlord Games kit.  The kit went together well, although I did manage to put the wrong Bren gun into the passengers area and so I couldn’t add the pintel mounted gun.

I then started work on a 1:72 Warrior MCV or IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle).  This is a kit that I’ve had for quite a while and was always intended to supplement the Warriors I’d bought when Battlefield Evolution came out (and subsequently disappeared).  The kit was a proper model kit and not a wargamers kit and so was a little more complex.

Returning to World War 2 and Warlord Games I decided to build my AEC Armoured Car Mark II, that I purchased recently, this was a resin and metal kit.  It went together easily and looks rather a beast.

Finally I assembled the Warlord Games Ruined Farmhouse, I kind of wish they’d created some better joints, or at least put beveled corners on the walls to increase the contact area.

Finally I based some 1:72 British Infantry on washers, although I think they may be too large I need them for tomorrow nights game.