Sunday 11th October 2015 was my first visit to the SELWEG Wargames Show at Crystal Palace (my first visit there since I used to go to the International Canoe Exhibition).  We put on two games:

Saga Vikings vs Undead game with some amazing scenario which all looked purchased, but certainly wasn’t.


Malifaux demo game with a lovely sewer piece that was handcrafted, a number people came by for a demo.

Malifaux Demo
John running one of several demo games of Malifaux.

I managed to get round and purchase a few pieces, a gaming mat and a couple of hills.  I also purchased a church, windmill and farmhouse from Timeline Miniatures.  If you haven’t taken a look and what they are doing then please do took a moment to pop over.  The lasercut MDF terrain looks good and is reasonably priced.

I did manage to take some photos of various games being run so I’ll post those below, click on a photo to see it larger.