Bolt Action Summer Offensive – Week 6

The final week of the Bolt Action Summer Offensive saw my fourth wargame of Bolt Action in 6 weeks.  This week I joined forces with Darryl’s son, my Commonwealth (Australian) forces combined with his American force to take on Darryl’s Japanese force.  Below is the result of the combat:

The stalwart Japanese defenders were looking in a lot of trouble early on, attacked as they were by a combined Australian/American task force. Following an underwhelming preparatory bombardment the weight of fire from two artillery observers and a forward air observer soon began to tell. However, the tides turned when the Australian artillery strayed onto their own main attacking forces, causing several casualties and more importantly reducing morale. Japanese reserves poured onto the board late on, and mauled the attacking Chindits especially badly. In the end there were insufficient Allied troops to take even one objective.

I even tried taking a Matilda Frog on this one (a flamethrower varient), but it got hit by the short artillery strike and left with too many pin markers to act in the rest of the battle.

A Matilda Frog tank of the ANZAC 1st Support Battalion, image from Tanks Encyclopedia.