Bolt Action Summer Campaign Week 5

Well I missed weeks 3 & 4 due to holidays, so I returned to action during Week 5, where I took on Darryl in the Brits vs Yanks comabt.  Darryl reported the battle and I include his report below:

In late May 1944 a war game was fought on the beaches of South West England. A British landing force of two DD Sherman tanks and two landing craft with elements of two infantry platoons was opposed by a platoon of the elite 1st US Infantry Division. Entrenched in bunkers overlooking the beach the US platoon called in both air support and an artillery barrage as the British landing craft drove for the beach. Before the morning was over the referees ruled that the defences had held, and aside from an embarrassing friendly fire incident with their own air force, the US platoon was adjudged to have held the British advance on the beaches. Lessons were hopefully learned that might have saved real lives on D-Day itself.

No Fubars this week, on to Week 6 next Friday and a conflict on the Islands of the Pacific with Aussies vs Japs.