Bolt Action Summer Campaign Week 2

Time for the second week of the Bolt Action Summer Campaign and this week my Brits took on Paul’s Poles.

British and Polish forces engaged in a wargame on British soil. One section of British Infantry supported by a 25pdr gun set up to defend a forward observation point. Superior numbers of Polish force including lancers moved rapidly against the British Section which quickly came under heavy fire. The arrival of British reinforcements looked to be about to turn the battle with the A9 Cruiser moving up one flank and engaged the encroaching Polish forces on the British left. Unfortunately the British Artillery miss placed their shot (as judged by the French observers) onto the central British forces causing them all to dive for cover. With the British forces hunkering down the Poles took the advantage and pushed the British out of the observation point securing it and the battle for themselves.

Another Fubar this week, with the Bren Carrier firing on the troops infront of it, and the artillery missing and landing in the middle of the British forces (both Brens, the Medic, the Forward Artillery Observer, the Mortar and the Officer got hit).  The Artillery miss turned the battle so there is the second loss in the Summer Campaign for the Brits.

That’s it for two weeks now, I might find some time to paint before I game next.