Bolt Action Summer Campaign Week 1

Last night was my first battle as part of Warlord games Summer Campaign for Bolt Action.

The first week of the campaign covered the period of 1939/40 and so the rules favoured the Germans giving them an extra 20% of points and removing some of the British special rules.

We decided on a 1000 point battle (1000 points of British vs 1200 points of Germans) and picked Scenario 4: The Black Brigade from the new Germany Strikes! book.  This placed the Germans as the attackers on a bridge objective in the middle of the table and the British as the defenders.  Below is my brief battle report:

The German invasion of France exploded into the British lines as they valiantly tried to hold a bridge over a local river. The German Infantry advanced quickly across the ground only pausing then the British Artillery erupted in the middle of them. One of the British A10 Cruisers arrived on the scene fired quickly in an advancing unit and then took a return shot from the German Anti-tank rifle. The tank promptly failed to distinguish between the Germans and a nearby unit of British Infantry killing two Brits. Sadly struken with grief the tank then turned tail and ran. The British infantry bravely tried to hold the overwhelming numbers of Germans off but were overrun.