Wargaming again

Well I’ve been away from gaming for a few weeks, so now things have settled down I’ve got back into it.  Two weeks ago I had a game of Jugula, last week I played Star Wars X-Wing and tonight was the turn of 40K.

Jugula was an interesting little boardgame, I can see how it would expand nicely into a campaign series of games and at least it doesn’t require you to purchase many figures.  However it wasn’t really my cup of tea, too much to learn at the beginning.

Star Wars X-Wing is a great game, you don’t have to paint anything (although part of me wants to paint an X-Wing for Corran Horn).  Having never built a squadron myself I opted for a random squadron from an online generator, what it gave me ended up being quite fun to play.

40K, no matter how much we all moan about GW I do enjoy the fluff and the game.  My Dark Angels ran up against a bunch of Khorne Space Marines and we had a great game, now I just want to put more paint on my Dark Angels.