Lasercutting Part 4

So I set out to to cut a paint station for myself and have progressed through learning to work with the laser cutter at work, as well as understanding the software we use (2D Design).  The software is a bit odd so I’ve had to install other software to allow me to convert some of the online cutting plans that I have found into a format that is usable at work.  This means that I’ve been using Adobe Illustrator and DraftSight, both as free versions.  This week I’ve managed to get two sheets cut the first completed the parts for my painting stations, which is now assembled and has a brand new cutting mat installed.

My completed paint station
My completed paint station

It’s quite basic and my next task for it will be to cut a small paint rack to fit across the back to hold the paints I’m currently work on.

The second sheet I cut this week came about when on Thursday evening a friend (Dan) pointed my club to a webpage with plans to build Rorke’s Drift using 4mm thick Cork board (  Well the plans included dimensions and so after an hour or so’s work I had produced the plans in 2D Design.  10 minutes on the cutter at work and 30 minutes gluing I had this:

The hospital building at Rorke's Drift with roof.
The hospital building at Rorke’s Drift with roof.
The hospital building at Rorke's Drift without roof.
The hospital building at Rorke’s Drift without roof.

The roof maybe a little small, but once thatch has been put on I think it will cover it.  The internal wall has no locking points and is simply held by PVA glue, the same with the floor.  Next up will be Commissariat Store and then finishing and painting.

When I’m back at work I’ll export the plans in a more usable format, otherwise here is a jpeg at 50% size.

JPEG of cutting file.
JPEG of cutting file.