Laser Cutting Part 3

As I’ve been working through learning to use the laser cutter time has become a big concern.  To try and minimise the time that  I spend designing things I thought it would be good to see what is available already to download for free.  So below is a list of the various places and things that I’ve found to download, however I make no promises that they will still be available, nor that they will work for you.

Wargaming Lodz on the Infinity Forums has a post that includes a number of fun items; Antena, Crates, Containers, Escape Coffins, Vending Machines, Techwall and a Helipad.

Warcors also on the Infinity Forums has a post that has a number of buildings linked from it.  The buildings all fit inside each other – these were the original buildings I was going to cut, but gave up one working out.  I may return at somepoint now my skills and understanding have grown.

Aenimosity over on the Privateer Press forums has a post with plans for some crats and a Khador Inn.

Nixie on Dakka Dakka has some cool looking walkways that you can download the plans for, he also shows a very nice antenna in his post.  These are designed for 2mm MDF so I haven’t tried them yet as I only have 3mm.

The Fun Elements blog has a number of laser cutting plans on it from 15mm houses to tokens and templates.

Modicum of Joy has another Helipad plan available to work with as well as some templates.

Heribertovalle on Thinkiverse has a variety of plans for templates and barricades.

That’s all that I’ve found so far, if you know of one’s I’ve missed then please let me know it was hard enough digging these out.