Laser Cutting Part 2

My continuing adventures in laser cutting continue, or at least a report into how far I got earlier this week.  Whilst cutting the last sheet for the paint station (with the rest of the paint rack) I filled up some of the space on the sheet with some bases in 40mm size and also with some flight stands.  The flight stands were sparked as I had got hold of some Space Marine Landspeeders without flying stands.  These were the most complex things I have made to date as I wanted a nice curve to the upright and I wanted to use a magnet to hold the land speeder to the stand, hence the top had to have space to hold the magnet safely and provide balancing support to the model.  I posted the link to the last entry in this blog to Beasts of War and received some very helpful information from heribertovalle who pointed out something called kerfing, which is the extra bit cut off by the laser cutter.  Well I hadn’t measured or allowed for the kerf when I cut this first batch of flight stands and hence I was wary of how well they would hold together, so the base has a lot more sand on it than I would normally put on – something I suspect I can deal with as I paint the flight stand.  So below I present Jodain’s Mark I flight stand one without magnet and one with a 2mm thick, 5mm diameter Neodymium Magnet from first 4 magnets.

The Mark I flight stand assembled.
The Mark I flight stand assembled.
The Mark I flight stand holding comfortably a landspeeder.
The Mark I flight stand holding comfortably a land speeder.

The magnets are a bit stronger than the ones I normally get hold of and you should see the flight stand jump off the desk when I bring the land speeder close.