Pieces of eight – Pirates done

It’s taken me a while and to be honest they’ve been done for a while now, but 8 Mercenary Sea Dogs for Warmachine are now done.  Those of you who know your Sea Dogs from Privateer Press may notice a couple of none PP figures in the picture, these are there to bulk the unit out.

Sea Dog Crew
Sea Dog Crew

I did take a while to decide on the basing as well and decided to go with a sand base with a Reed/Wheat tuft.  Must admit afterwards I wished I gone with the greener gress tufts as the reed ones have blended into the sand base.  Still there are some more pirates somewhere to be finished off.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 82
  • Figures complete = 62

Starting to get rather badly behind, I hadn’t noticed the time slipping past.  Need to crack on with some more figures (and a better photo next time I promise).