More Warmachine

Some more warmachine figures have been completed this week.  More work on some of these than others.  I’d started on the Ironclad and the Journeyman Warcaster, but hadn’t finished them.  The Gun Mage Captain Adept have been painted by John, but he had received a knock on his hand and had never been based.  The Sentinel, Major Marcus Brisbane and Thor Steinhammer have been painted from undercoat upwards.  So that’s 6 figures down this week ,those with a good memory will remember me talking about 9 figures waiting to be painted unfortunately those other three haven’t really made much progress, so I’ll keep them on the table and drop some paint onto them as I use the colours.  I’ve got into a desire to finish off my Cygnar (wonder how long that will last!).

More Cygnar painted.
More Cygnar painted.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 32
  • Figures complete = 31

Behind by one figure, buts let see how this week goes.