Cygnar Swordknights

Some more figures finished off this week, all varnished (including last weeks batch) this afternoon.  A little bit of gloss varnish over the top on the gems to make them stand out a bit more.  So I present a unit of 10 Cygnar Swordknights:

A finished unit of swordknights.
A finished unit of swordknights.

These had mostly been painted and needed tidying up and improving (my skills in painting have improved from when I started these guys) and one has been painted from undercoat (I’m not sure I can spot which one now even with the figures in front of me.  9 of these had a black base coat on them and the tenth one has a white basecoat (I’ll bring them along one Friday and see if anyone else can spot the odd one out.

Whilst I was finishing the swordknights I also grabbed a couple of small bits of terrain that needed finishing off, so here we have some barrels:

Barrels, you can never have too many barrels.
Barrels, you can never have too many barrels.

On the right is a stack of Hirst Arts wooden barrels and on the left are some plastic GW barrels, both now ready for the board.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 25
  • Figures complete = 25

Looks like I’ve caught up for now, with 9 figures sitting ready for the next week.