And the next batch is done.

Got some more figures finished off this week, although it was too cold and too wet to varnish them.  One figure is varnished as I have a paint on gloss that I have used.  These have generally been a tidy up and finish off, mind you I have a lot of that having gone through a phase of starting to paint something then shiny syndrome moving me onto something else.  So the finished figures for this week:

Batch3A mixed bag this week.  Slimmer has been finished to join the Ghostbusters and is the gloss varnished figure.  We then have a Stryker in grey to match the rest of my Cygnar.  The next four are all for my Circle army for Hordes with a Woldwryd, two Mannikins and a Blackclad Wayfarer.  Another six figures down.

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 17
  • Figures complete = 13

The next batch are sitting ready to go.