Some Tanks done

Three tanks that have been sitting on my painting table for a while now are complete (minus varnish, which I’ll do this weekend weather allowing).  So without further ado I present you with a Vickers, a Honey Stuart and a Crusader.  All three are painted in my take on the early desert Caunter scheme. I’m sure it’s not right but I’m not that bothered.  Painting these has reminded me of why I hate painting tanks – tracks!!!!  The tracks annoy me trying to get the paint in the right place (the track work) and not the road wheels, particularly on the inside, still they’re done.

Desert Rat TanksThese three tanks will join my 8th Army troops (which need painting) in a battle of Tank War (Bolt Action) fairly soon!

State of Challenge:

  • Days down = 9
  • Figures complete = 7

Not too far behind, time to dig out some more partly painted miniatures.