2015 Painting Challenge

I’ve seen lots of people setting out their resolutions and painting challenges etc for the year ahead.  I set out last year with three painting tasks:

  1. Complete Paras for Operation Biting
  2. Assemble and paint Deadzone figures
  3. Paint remaining Dreadball figures

So looking back now how did I do; Para’s finished (at least I thought I had, found some more the other day, whoops!), Deadzone – assembled paint what’s that, more figures inbound so I’ll hold off till they are all here, Dreadball – completed, just need playing with.

I did paint a few other things here and there over the year, but it is a year to seriously focus on finishing figures so I am challenging myself and the rest of the Friday Night Fire Fight Club to complete one 28mm miniature for each day of the year, that’s only 365 figures.  Miniature means tank, figure etc so you don’t get extra points for completing tanks.  I’m sticking with 28mm as the basis, anything smaller doesn’t count, larger figures count as one.

So this is day 6 of 2015 and my first four figures are complete (minus undercoat, not the weather to do that yet).  So I present here the Paranormal Exterminators from Crooked Dice:

GhostbustersState of Challenge:

  • Days down = 6
  • Figures complete = 4