I’ve been busy painting a number of things after I completed my British WW2 Paras, but the key one has been my Dreadball team.  I’ve finally got all of my figures painted and based, so without further ado I present to you the Gothamite Jesters:

Team Photo
A Team Photo

As you can see the team colours are Purple and Green with a Grey jumpsuit underneath the armour and some gold highlights.  The team encompasses all of the figures released in the Kickstarter, including the prone markers.  On the left of the photo are the MVPs that I have.

The MVPs that can join the team.

Behind the MVPs are the human cheerleaders kitted out in the purple and green colour scheme.  I didn’t put the half skirts on the backs of the figures as I thought they looked better without them.

The Cheerleaders

In the middle of the team is my refbot so that I can host games of Dreadball.

The Refbot in red

So that’s my lot all painted up and ready to play some more games of Dreadball.

Next up on the painting table are some more vehicles from my Tour of Duty Black Horse Company and a few bits of WW2 British (found a rogue Para as well!)