Whoops I haven’t posted about a game since 10th January, how did that happen.

Let’s try and catch-up with my gaming so far this year.

  • 17th January – Bolt Action vs David – Lost
  • 7th February – Bolt Action vs Darryl – Won
  • 14th February – Bolt Action vs Dan – Won
  • 21st February – Flames of War: Tour of Duty vs David – Won
  • 28th February – Star Trek: Attack Wing vs Darryl – Won 3 games
  • 7th March – Warmachine/Hordes vs Joseph – Lost
  • 14th March – Bolt Action vs Darryl – Lost
  • 21st March – Deadzone vs James – Lost

A few missed Friday’s in there, but some great games, even one’s I lost.