Friday 10th January

The second gaming night of the year and I end up playing a boardgame.  Darryl arrived today with Firefly the game.  I’d looked at this when it was coming out and as a self-confessed fan of the Firefly TV series I had wanted to give it a go.  Four of us had a fun game flying around space trying to complete jobs and hire crew.  I ended up with the Serenity (there are 4 different named vessels available to play) and some how managed to get Malcolm Reynolds as Captain.  Unfortunately I didn’t use my fuel up and ended moving too slowly so didn’t complete many jobs.  I did however manage to hire Inara and Kaylee off James’ ship showing the problem when your crew becomes disgruntled.  Zoe was picked up by Darryl, but unfortunately she died in a blaze of reevers.  Joseph won the game and was flying with Jane and Simon Tam for the final run.  All-in-all this was a excellent game and I would definately consider purchasing it in the future, although I need to persuade my lovely wife to give it a go.