2014 the year ahead.

Well 2013 is gone and 2014 has now arrived and it’s time to think ahead and plan for the next 12 months.  I’ve always written resolutions at the beginning of the year, but thanks to George Takei (worth following on facebook if you don’t already) I spotted this cartoon from Jim Hunt:

Jim Hunt Resolutions
Jim Hunt Resolutions

Now this is so accurate, so rather than resolutions I thought a plan of action might be more in order.  In terms of wargaming I need to complete the Paras for Operation Biting (we are at Cavalier in Tonbridge on Sunday 23rd February), we are planning on laying it out on Friday night to see where we are at.  I got my Deadzone figures before Christmas and they need assembling so that I can play that game, so I might as well paint them.  I also have some Dreadball figures from Season 3 that need to be painted so that all my Dreadball figures are done.  I’m also going to try to not buy into new games this year and focus my gaming budget on terrain so that I can play more games at home.

So let’s summarise that:

  1. Complete Paras for Operation Biting
  2. Assemble and paint Deadzone figures
  3. Paint remaining Dreadball figures

That sounds like enough of a plan of action for wargaming to me.