Review of 2013.

As the end of the year approaches it is a good time to look back and review 2013, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:

Having got to the end of 2013 I can report on the success on my main health issue.  Yes my mass is now down by over a tenth of what it was back in July when I started the 5-2 diet.  Yes it was difficult to start with managing to survive on 600 calories for 2 days, however the drive to loose mass kept me going and I feel much better.  In fact I’ve just had to take the leather punch to my belt so that it worth wearing.

The bad:

A few personal issues have circled round this year and those that need to know, know and those that don’t, don’t and aren’t going to – time to move on!

The ugly:

Kickstarter, now that is ugly but I’ve got some great figures out of it.  With the exception of Flames of War: Vietnam, Kickstarters have been my main source of figures this year.  I’ve backed Warzone Resurection, Deadzone and Empire of the Dead Requiem.  The later was my biggest kickstarter package to date and I have a box with a goodly number of figures for Victorian England sitting under my painting desk.  Now I just need to find the time to paint them.

The other ugly thing is my blogging habit, I started the year so well and then it just becomes a bit of a chore and I don’t get round to it.  No promises for 2014.

Everything else:

I’ve had a good year of gaming, particularly as my half day for this academic year is Friday.  I’ve played a fair bit of Bolt Action, Flames of War: Vietnam and a mix of other games including SAGA, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine/Hordes and Dreadball.  We put on games at Cavalier (Flames of War), Broadsides (Slaughterloo) and Legion (SAGA), a different game at each.

Still I’ll wish a Happy Christmas to whoever bothers to read this, more next year.