Operation Biting

Operation Biting was the first raid by British Paras, they dropped on a German radar installation in Bruneval, northern France.  You can read more at wikipedia, or pick up the book by Osprey (The Bruneval Raid Operation Biting) or Night Raid: The True Story of the First Victorious British Para Raid of WWII.

Why is this worth noting, well my gaming group decided that we wanted to use it as our show game for 2014, intending to take it to Cavalier (Tonbridge), Broadsides (Sittingbourne) and Legion (Ramsgate).  The Raid involved a force of 120 paras (including engineers) and a goodly number of Germans.  I got the job of painting the British force for this game and so I set out to paint up the rest of my Paras (I bought a load and painted some of them for a show game we did at Salute a few years ago now).

82 British Paras
82 British Paras

I need to get on and paint a few more (the 10 at the back and the 7 at the front) and I need to buy some more.