Flames of War: Vietman Part III

Should have posted this last week.
2 key lessons were learnt the other Friday Night by David (my opponent):
1) Never listen to Paul and Dave when they suggest using guerrilla reserves with the NVA.
2) Those M113 ACAVs and Sheridans can move very fast when they want to.

To be fair to David it wasn’t a good start for him, he elected to keep back all his infantry and deployed his tanks and the spotters for his off-board mortars. By Black Horse Company went first. The Centurions opened up on the T54’s causing 2 to bail out. The ACAVs and Sheridans then went storming across the board and mowed down his spotter and an amazing show of fire power. David’s answer was short, no reserves and the T-54’s were out of range and only one remounted. Turn 2 for the Black Horse left one T-54 a smoking wreck and the other two bailed out. With no-one to stop them the ACAVS moved onto the objective. David got reserves but due to the guerilla reserves rule ended up on the opposite side of the table and couldn’t move in to contest the objective. Turn 3 started with the Black Horse happily holding an objective and won the game.

That was the shortest and most one-sided game I’ve played for a very very long time.

Following on from that I have purchased an M113 platoon so I don’t have to borrow from Paul. All I have to do is assembly them and the Hog.