Legion 2013

The Sunday just gone was the Legion 2013 wargames show in Sandwich, Kent.  This is a very small show and unfortunately this year it was smaller than last, although clashing with the forecast of a nasty weather storm might have kept people away.  Red Knight Wargames organise this annual show to raise money for charity and this year “The Wing Appeal” was to benefit.  With only 5 Traders (including Red Knight Wargames themselves) and 6 games on the day it was rather disappointing to say the least.  Still it left plenty of time to wonder around and look at the stall, chat with the traders and look at the other games.

Friday Night Fire Fight Club (my club) put on a set of Saga games, with two 8 point engagements taking the form of the battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings and a few 4 point engagements for fun.  The battle of Stamford Bridge was a tight engagement and the battlefield was rather empyt at the end, however Harald Hardrada defeated Harold Godwinson and won the right to face the Norman army led by William.  The Vikings regroups and met the Normans on the field of Battle and promptly sent them packing back over the channel.  All hail King Harald, well maybe.

Harold Godwinson fighting for his life.
Harold Godwinson fighting for his life.

Elsewhere at the show was a variety of other wargames, including White Knight Wargames Club Flames of War engagement.  I didn’t chat much but it was obviously an Italian convoy being ambushed by a British force in the early desert war.  A pity really that they finished and packed up by lunchtime.  The Red Knight Wargames Club put on a lovely looking Judge Dredd engagement with an impressive amount of futuristic looking city terrain.  Deal Wargames Club put on a 15mm Vietnam engagement using Flames of War vehicles, but not their rule set.  An impressive gaming table and it is good to see the helicopters flying over the table.  Their was also a game of Dropzone Commander going on at the back of the hall using the nice looking card city produced by Hawk Wargames themselves, one of these days I might well look to purchase a set for myself.  The final game I must admit to not looking at too much,  armies consisting of very small infantry figures don’t really excite me and I held out on Dropzone Commander for the longest time for just such a reason, but the walkers and dropships do work at that scale.

Having said all of that I had a great day playing Saga and chatting with friends.  The bargain of the year came about with the purchase of a Leman Russ Battle Tank for the might sum of £1, a steal definately, a small bit of track was missing which is now solved and I admit the paint job might need a review, but no complaints for that price.  The show was also made a worthy journey when I won the first choice in the raffle and selected a lovely resin ruined manor.  Ok so something else I need to assemble and paint, but it’s terrain and not figures.