Flames of War Vietnam Part II

An update on the state of play of my Vietnam army for Flames of War.

  • HQ 2 x M113 ACAV (90 pts)
  • Blackhorse Cavalry Platoon of 1 x M113ACAV, 3 x M551 Sheridan and 4 x M112ACAV (425 pts)
  • Flamethrower Platoon 2 x M132 Zippo (90 pts)
  • Artillery Battery 2 x M557 and 3 x M109 (305 pts)
  • Aeroweapons Platoon 1 x AH-1G Hueycobra (125 pts)
  • ANAZ Tank Platoon 3 x Centurion MkV (525 pts)

I currently have now 4 M113 ACAVs. 3 M551 Sheridans, 3 Centurion MkV’s and 3 M132 Zippos constructed and undercoated green so some progress is being made.  I have also acquired a Heuy ‘Hog’ Gunship and an ANZAC Anti-Tank Platoon, this is starting to give me much more flexibility is what I can field, but takes me further from the original list above.  I’ll check out what I can field soon, but I need to assemble the Hog and the ANZACs.