Broadsides 2013 finished

Well there we have it Broadsides 2013 has been and gone.  I had meant to post beforehand about the progress particularly on the terrrain but life threw a curve ball at us and I nearly didn’t get everything ready.  So on Saturday (the day before the show) the last of the rebased and new figures received their spray of Anti-shine varnish.  Sunday, show day, well what a game we had four divisions of Dwarfs, with a bit of help from a couple of units of Orc faced off against three divisions of Elfs, with a toad unit in the middle.  Thanks to the lack of a plan, I couldn’t be overly bothered to think one up and the dice luck of John (this time in the form of Joseph) the Dwarfs about held on to the objectives, but I suspect not for much longer.  Thanks to Paul, Darryl, David and Joseph for the fun day.