Broadsides 2013 preparation

Friday Night’s game last week was Slaughterloo the system we are using for our Broadsides demonstration game.  I played against Paul who bought along his horde of Otterman Turks, for those not in the know the Otterman Turks are indeed Otters!  When I say Horde I do mean Horde.  I field my Guards Division (one of the four planned for Broadsides) which consists of the Guards (20 figures), a line regiment (20 figures), a unit of Jagers (12 figures), a unit of Lancers (10 boar mounted riders) and a battery of 2 Heavy guns with a total of 12 crew.  That’s a total of 5 units, Paul rocks up on the same point total with 2 units of Skirmishers, two lancer units (Gnoll), 1 gun (The Barking Dog), 1 Orge trained musket regiment (Askari), a unit of spearmen (Janissaries) and a unit of militia (Al-Hazrad) for a total of 8 units and they were big units.  Needless to say I couldn’t manage to shoot enough of them down as they headed towards me and I lost the battle.  Still I tried out one of my Divisions for Broadsides and as they are all painted they looked good on the table.