Broadsides 2013

Fast approaching is the Gaming Convention of Broadsides 2013, which is based in Sittingbourne and so far it is the only convention that the Friday Night Fire Fight Club have attended every year.  OK so this will only be the third con.  At the first Con we played an Arab-Israeli conflict game, at the second a Sci-Fi game using Tomorrow’s War rules and this year I suggested Slaughterloo (a Fantasy Napoleanoic game).  Why? I hear you cry (well I would if this wasn’t the Internet).  Well I felt that I didn’t have to paint many figures!  The game is called Quatre Bars and will feature a Krautian/Finklestein (Prussian) army fighting the Ferach (French).

I worked through my army list and after Paul very generously gave me all his dwarfs I realised that I could complete 8351 points without too much painting.  More was of course achievable with much more painting but I wasn’t sure how much I’d be able to do given my normal record.  So with 25 figures to paint I set out with von Rotte’s Grenadiers.  After consulting the site I setout with a nice Red coat paint scheme and realised that I was missing the second officer figure.  This didn’t bother me too much as I had a number of spare figures for this unit, I’d actually built the unit up rather than buying it as a single piece.  But I did notice the lovely Limited Edition figure of Baron Frederick von Rotte on the site, which Paul picked up from Salute for me.  That made 26 figures to paint, but one wasn’t too arrive until recently.  I decided I had to get this done and set out to ensure that at least one colour hit the figures each night, well it must be a record for me as all 25 figures, the good Baron will have to wait, are now finished.  Yes that’s right finished 25 figures in three weeks!  Now I definately hear cries of “Proof!”  So here they are in there lovely redcoats, along with five Command figures.

IMG_3687 IMG_3689