Reading so far in 2013

Well not much gaming and not much reading until recently.  I’m not normally one to have more than one book on the go at a time, but recently I have.  Actually I blame Jonathan who when I bought the book I was reading in bed downstairs told me off as that was a bedroom book!

So what was I reading, A Memory of Light and Armed Action, two rather different books (well ok they were both about warfare) by two completely different authors.  Armed Action by James Newton, provided me with an insight to being a helicopter pilot during the invasion of Iraq, the guys flying those Navay Lynx helicopters with there fly-by-wire missiles were about as crazy as you get in modern warfare.  Although James Newton, still in the Royal Navy, always shows how brave the guys in the ground were, particular the men of the Queen’s Dragoon Guards in their light tanks fighting the Iraq tanks outside Basra.  He explains in detail his own contributions to the conflict and leave you in no doubt of the impact on him and the men he served.  If you haven’t picked it up yet then I would recommend it, if you are interested in warfare or wargaming.

So A Memory of Light by Robert Jordan/Brandon Sanderson – at last the Wheel of Time series reaches the Last Battle and the end of the series.  I wont spoil it for those of you who haven’t read it yet, but it was worth the wait.  The multiple heroes slowly come together for the various battles and the main fight is well worth reading through.  All it is really missing is a map of the area, although you are left with an excellent description of what is happening sometimes it gets too complex.  I was left at the end wanting to know more – what happened after the Last Battle, where did our heroes end up?  I guess a good series always leaves you wanting more.